“Abandon Ship! Brexit, Great Britain’s Escape” Ben Garrison Cartoon


New Ben Garrison cartoon- for my friends in the UK- “Abandon Ship! Brexit, Great Britain’s escape from the EU “ I sum things up in this rather complex cartoon.

UPDATE:   It’s past time the EU breaks up. It’s time to end these vile institutions that are designed to enslave humanity. End the UN. End the IMF/Federal Reserve central banking oligarchy. And while we’re at it, round up all the Bilderberg attendees and put them all in prison.  Here’s a good message I came across last night that aligns with my views:

Millions of Taxpayers worked for a lifetime, earning and saving for retirement, only to have it stolen in 2008 by criminals on Wall Street. This money was not lost or destroyed. It was stolen. By deception, lies of omission, and outright lies, illegal collusion, insider trading pump & dumps, and 101 other means not yet revealed, the life savings of millions of Taxpayers was stolen. These are not baseless accusations. The testimony of Alayne Fleischmann is sufficient to convict JP Morgan of criminal behavior that was commonly practiced by its peers. Overall, trillions of Dollars were stolen from millions of Taxpayers.

The injured parties demand full restitution, since this savings is their sole means of survival. Given the unreasonable disparity in wealth between those who control and directed the criminal actions, versus the victims, restitution is justified. The amount owed is due to the extent of the fraud.

 Due to the fraud described above, each Taxpayer is owed at least one million Dollars. Social Security is an appropriate mechanism by which to return the stolen wealth.


Do what Iceland did. Repudiate the debt they create out of thin air. Kick the banker-aligned politicians out. Kick the bankers out or put them in prison. End their sick and immoral system of money. Make them pay back hard working Americans. They have been stealing from us for over 100 years now. Time for pay back! Stop importing millions of people who do not want to assimilate into western culture–a culture of freedom worth preserving.

Maybe Brexit will be the start of this trend!

—Ben Garrison

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13 Responses to “Abandon Ship! Brexit, Great Britain’s Escape” Ben Garrison Cartoon

  1. Kathy says:

    What would America’s boat look like? or the Bilderberg’s? lol

  2. John says:

    Amazing work! A true masterpiece, one of your best yet!
    This is a video from a speech by UKIP’s leader Farage, top bantz inside:

  3. Brian says:

    The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker…

  4. Alison Hewett says:

    So accurate it is breath taking. I love so much about this cartoon. It is worth having a good look to see all the gags! You are soooo perceptive Ben!

  5. Jack Black says:

    Very crude and racist like Nazi propaganda. So you probably succeeded in your aims.

  6. Danny says:

    Ben, I LOVED your abandoned ship cartoon, it’s BRILLIANT!! May I suggest an idea for your next cartoon in 30 seconds?:

    Two paths branching into opposite directions, curving out of view. One path is laid with a nice enticing flower. The other path is strewn with obstacles, boulders etc. The audience ponders which path to take?? hmmmmm

    Big reveal: From a different angle this time, the audience sees the flower path ultimately leads to an endless pit of stagnation, darkness, death and oblivion, shocking bones, etc

    However, the difficult path eventually leads to a field of flowers — hope, salvation, red pill.

    Sorry, I’m not a drawer but please feel free to use my idea and/or add to it. No need to credit me, and it’s copyright free. #BREXIT

  7. Think before you vote says:

    Disgusting, racist propaganda that the Nazis would have been proud of. Dickhead.

  8. Philip says:

    It’s amazing how well this illustrates the European situation. It’s very sobering. Well done Sir.

  9. Well done UK! says:

    What does the shooting cannon say? Sorry I can’t read it.

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