Disclaimer: Don’t be Trolled


breitbart BenGarrison 12_2015

Thank you to Allum Bokhari for a far and balanced story about the trolling. 

you can support me in my battle against the trolls here at my patreon page. Thank you!

NEW: BBC Story on Joshua Goldberg troll,  Ben Garrison interviewed

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Joshua Goldberg is a young punk from Florida who carried his trolling too far.

I’ll continue my investigation. I’m also going to update my ebook…probably sometime next month. This will be included.





The Ben Garrison name and Ben Garrison cartoons have been under constant attack by trolls on the internet for the last five years. Ben tried to ignore the trolls (don’t feed the trolls) for 2 years, which caused them to ramp up their attacks on Ben’s business and family.  Ben Garrison “The Most Trolled Cartoonist” in the world has written a book and told his harrowing story in  “Rogue Cartoonist: The internet perils of a Citizen Muckraker” now on Amazon.  

Ben thanks those who have offered encouragement and not belittlement.  He dedicates his book to those young people concerned for their country and freedom.

Know Your Meme has an exclusive interview with Ben Garrison who tells his harrowing adventures with the “Online Hate Machine” get the whole scoop here! 


reddit post by butt nut Bryan Carpen admitting libel and copyright violations 2014-11-05 at 11.19.31 AM

Bryan Carpen “but-nut” troll admits he turns Ben Garrison Cartoons into anti-semitic and racist hate.

butt-nut troll Carpen racist troll

Bryan Carpen racist troll that turns Ben Garrison cartoons into racist anti-semitic hate, here another troll admits it is but-nut behind the defaced cartoons

Bryan Carpen butt-nut troll

Bryan Carpen racist left wing troll admits Ben Garrison has found out his name and address, Carpen admits he started the thread attacking Ben Garrison

Bryan Kemraj Shastri Carpen arrest 2012

Racist Troll Bryan Carpen who is behind the attacks on Ben Garrison Cartoons and GrrrGraphics

-pol- mobile2

Bryan Carpen racist troll who attacks Ben Garrison and GrrrGraphics posts his lies on 4chan and 8chan where he along with a handful of internet misfits post constant threads attacking women, African Americans and other minorities, Libertarians and Jewish people. Let’s face it they hate everyone and everything.

Bryan carpen racist trolls keyboard

We found Bryan Carpen’s keyboard! He must have dropped it while he was clutching his pearls.

Bryan aka butt-nutt Carpen racist troll

Bryan aka butt-nutt Carpen racist troll, who takes every Ben Garrison cartoon and turns it into hate trying to make people believe that Ben Garrison drew hate images..Bryan Carpen photoshops together racist cartoons and trolls people by leaving their name on them.

13 Responses to Disclaimer: Don’t be Trolled

  1. ayy lmao says:

    butt nut detected

  2. John says:

    This was started by 4chan, where ironically I was first introduced to REAL Ben Garrison cartoons which I am a huge fan of.

    Ben’s cartoons usually have an anti big banker/big government/global elite theme but the trolls on 4chan usually edit the cartoons to make it seem like they have an antisemitic theme.

  3. M. Madison says:

    No John, it was a thing in the past but people grew out of it and now it’s just butt-nut. He’s also the one who polished the existing edits.

  4. GrrrGraphics says:

    Madison is correct. It seems Bryan Carpen aka “butt-nut” is determined to ruin every cartoon Ben draws. He is our main target now, evidence keeps piling up. There are other trolls like European88 on reddit that we also have our eye on, Carpen is the violator that is the most active, racking up libel and copyright violations of our cartoons and fine art. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes right now, rest assured wheels are turning.

    • Mike says:

      Ben, I wish you the best of luck and am looking forward to the updates on your feud with Crappen.

      • GrrrGraphics says:

        Mike, It’s not a feud as such, if Bryan Carpen and his racist cronies want to go online and spew their racist hate ad nauseum on reddit and /pol/ it’s their freedom of speech, which I am all for. What I object to is them using my name, my cartoons, and my personal photos to hide behind. They don’t realize you can not take someone’s intellectual property alter the image into a racist meme, and pretend that it is that person’s ideas and words. They are using Ben Garrison cartoons and photos to be the mask they hide behind to push their hate. They feel no remorse for ruining a persons online reputation and smearing his honest work and name. This is against the law and is NOT fair use or parody, this is copyright violation and libel. This has been going on for years and Carpen has a long history of being a loser troll. Andrew Anglin is in the same dumpster as butt-nut, luckily, 95% of people know racist bullshit spewing from a garbage site like Dailystormer is to be ignored and reviled. We will post updates for cartoons and other projects on our FB and wordpress blogs so stay tuned and stay strong!


  5. Earl Turner says:

    Good luck, Ben! I hope you gives these SOBs what they deserve.

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  7. Ryan from Canada says:

    Hello Ben!
    Ive just seen your cartoons over the web and i’m hooked! I really admire your work and have been painting and drawing for around 15 years and now considering going down this path. Its a shame though that you have to deal with all the crap from the trolls. Best of luck!

  8. Liberal Green/Dem here, I hope that that the trolls are defeated soon. Best of luck to you.

  9. Anon says:

    /pol/ here, we miss having you around, Ben. Remember when you came and visited us? Remember the good times we all had? It is all in good fun that the edits are made. The left will drudge up anything to attack you with, or make up things if they can find nothing legitimate. Why bother playing by their rules? Ignore the urge to play the PR games. Don’t flagellate yourself on the alter of political correctness, especially when you have previously claimed to be against it. Do what the left cannot: create and contribute quality. This may seem odd, but for the most part /pol/ has great respect for you. You produce great cartoons with ideas that challenge the establishment. Don’t be bothered by the edits, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” right?

    And come back and visit us again! Ave Zyklon Ben!

  10. Butt nut, what a stupid name. It reveals his immaturity. People like that give the government an excuse NOT to legalize marijuana. I’m sorry that happened to you Mr. Garrison. Neo Nazis and trolls suck, now that’s one of the things that not only both left wing libertarians (me), and right wing libertarians (you), but even some authoritarians can agree on.

  11. Streed's Reads says:

    Stay strong, fight on!

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