Donald Trump Dragon Slayer political correctness cartoon now on ebay

The original cartoon by  Ben Garrison “Trump the Dragon Slayer” on ebay

Art board size is 19 by 24 inches on bristol board. 

Media: India ink and watercolor. 
This is the original editorial cartoon “Donald Trump, Dragon Slayer” published on August 22, 2015. The artwork is the original pen and ink drawing that has been hand colored in water colors.  Signed by the artist and dated. Unframed.
Comes with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity 
Shipping is $7.00 Priority Mail with tracking
Ben Garrison is an independent political cartoonist from Montana. He has been published in newspapers and online at many websites.  You can find more of his work at his official cartoon site at grrrgraphics dot com    Thanks for looking and happy bidding! 
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The Crony Capitalist Pyramid


It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club.” –George Carlin


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Trump the Dragon Slayer


Trump the dragon slayer

One of the reasons for Donald Trump’s popularity is he speaks from the heart and not a teleprompter. He doesn’t need a script and he’s not afraid to speak bluntly. Most of all, he’s not afraid of ‘political correctness.’ He’s not afraid to say “Merry Christmas” or call illegal immigration ‘illegal.’ He’s for respecting our laws, which includes closing down the currently wide open borders. For that he’s called a nut and a racist and a hater and all sorts of things. He doesn’t care.

Just listed on ebay the original cartoon by Ben Garrison 

For too long we’ve been subjected to cynical, pre-packaged political robots who are installed to further the agenda of globalists at the top. They buy out and own the politicians. Well, Trump can’t be bought out. He’s already rich. Lobbyists will not be able to control him. Personal scandals? He’s fearless. His life is already an open book. We know about his marriages and affairs and it doesn’t matter. Because instead of walking delicately on politically correct eggshells, he fearlessly stomps his feet and says “Enough!” He wants to stop exporting jobs overseas. He wants to stop making crappy deals such as the one Obama and Kerry just made with Iran—a deal that didn’t even return American captives. A deal that allows Iran to do their own inspecting. Deals where we give our leverage away for nothing while giving billions back to a country bent on hating America and destroying Israel. I doubt Trump would have made that deal.

Trump is used to dealing and getting things done. Telling blunt truths is apparently is not politically correct in either party, but so be it. Many Americans find Trump’s approach to be very refreshing—including me!

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Hillary Clinton wipes her hard drive


‘What, like with a cloth or something?’   maybe some TP too!  



Thanks to Lewis C. for another timely cartoon!

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GOP Debate Rand Paul Chris Christie original cartoon on ebay


Our new ebay original cartoon auction, #GOPDebate #StandwithRand #RandPaul
grrrgraphics on ebay

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The March of Hillary Clinton

A New take on the March of Tyranny

A New take on the March of Tyranny

Hillary should be marched to prison, not the presidency. For years she has gotten away with scandals, including Whitewater, Travelgate, Benghazi and now she has obviously committed treasonous acts including letting state secrets go to other countries in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations as well as erasing evidence of top secret material from her private server.
If she’s elected, her arrogance, her sense of entitlement and her criminality will get even worse.
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GOP Debate Moments, Christie vs Paul


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Take Megyn Kelly home, Ben Garrison on ebay

Hello, we have something new for our fans. Many people have contacted me and are interested in owning a Ben Garrison original cartoon. With that in mind, we added a GrrrGraphics ebay account. Tina and I are doing a test auction on ebay today to see if anyone is interested in taking “Megyn” home. Let us know if you are interested in additional ebay auctions!

ITEM DETAILS: Political cartoonist Ben Garrison’s original drawing of Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly. The size is 14 by 17 inches on bristol board. Media: India ink and colored pencil. This is a detail drawing from the editorial cartoon about the GOP debate, “Get off the stage Fox News” on August 6, 2015. The artwork is a drawing of Megyn Kelly only–not the entire cartoon. Signed by the artist and dated. Unframed Free Shipping
Ben Garrison is an editorial cartoonist from Montana. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

Fox News attack dog Megan Kelly

Fox News attack dog Megan Kelly

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Get off the Stage Fox News


Fox News attack dog Megan Kelly

Fox News attack dog Megyn Kelly

First of all: I’m not necessarily endorsing Trump. It’s just that the more he’s attacked by the neocon conservatives who run the Republican party, the more I want to root for him. Last night was example. All the other candidates fielded standard ‘presidential’ questions while Trump was mercilessly attacked—especially from Megyn Kelly. It was painfully obvious what she was doing—she had her marching orders from the neocons to make Trump look bad. Instead Fox News looked bad. More credibility lost from the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, “La Raza” praised Bush’s performance. “The Race” of course, wants to erase the borders and create ‘Aztlan,’ and Jeb Bush is willing to accommodate them. After all, it’s part of his daddy’s ‘New World Order.’ The elite want a North American Union. Trump doesn’t want that and so he is attacked as being ‘racist.’ Poppycock. Again, it makes me like Trump because he’s had enough of political correctness. It’s not ‘racist’ to want the borders to be controlled for one’s own country. We see what happens when all sorts of unsavory criminals are dumped by Mexico into the U.S. Terrible crimes are committed and they get away with those crimes due to our ‘sanctuary cities.’
Let’s see what happens when the neocons begin stealing the primaries from Trump. I have a feeling Trump won’t be as quiescent about that as Ron Paul was.
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Fukushima Alarm Ignored



One thing you rarely hear about in the MSM–or from Obama–is Fukushima. Multiple core meltdowns have occurred and tons of radioactive water are dumped daily into the Pacific Ocean. Yet what do Obama and Hillary want to focus on? Climate change. Why? Because climate change will enable them to push a carbon tax in order to line the capacious pockets of globalists. It aligns with Agenda 21 and other UN plans to make humans feel guilty for being alive. Do you breathe? Oh my goodness…you are putting carbon into the atmosphere. You dirty human! Pay up!

Meanwhile, nothing is done about the biggest disaster known to mankind—Fukushima. GE knew their reactors were unsafe. They knew the design was flawed and spent fuel rods have only added to the disaster. They knew it wasn’t wise to build their flawed reactors on the coast of Japan—easily exposed to tsunamis. They knew the area was prone to earthquakes. They knew and didn’t care as long as they got their short-term windfall profit. And, of course, nobody goes to jail.
It’s all about the short term and massive bucks for a few insiders. The Pacific ocean and humanity be damned. This is the mentality of those at the top—the 1/10th of 1 percent. The rest of the world can go to a radioactive hell as long as they get theirs.
Thanks to our guest cartoonist, Lewis C. for his work.
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