Hillary’s Devilish Deal


New Cartoon! “Hillary’s Devilish Deal”
Hillary will sell her soul to the Devil to get power. Maybe she already has! Together we can stop Hillary from becoming President and destroying the Republic- support at https://www.patreon.com/grrrgraphics

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Rubbing His Nose in it- Ben Garrison Cartoon


Shame on You, sell-out Bernie Sanders! Bernie wants political change. So he endorsed a candidate who represents the status quo. He wants to go after the 1 percent. So he endorsed a candidate who received a fundraiser from the Rothschilds—at $100,000 per plate. Bernie wants to break up the banks. Goldman Sachs gave Hillary $225,000 for a speech. She won’t reveal what she said.

Bernie supports a liar, a criminal, a warmonger and a grifter. He wants her and her rapist husband back once again in the White House. Maybe Hillary will return the silverware she stole.

She stuck your face in corruption election fraud and you still endorsed her. Shame on you, Bernie.

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Hillary Clinton’s Wiki-Leak, Start Bailing!


A new cartoon to kick off the Democrat Convention this week!

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New cartoon “Free Speech Busters!”


New Cartoon, “Free Speech Busters” 

Leslie Jones, you’re doing it wrong. Free speech on the Internet is an extremely valuable right that we must not lose. Unfortunately the Internet comes with a sordid underbelly that we must tolerate to keep that free speech intact. I also once wanted revenge. I was ready to say or do anything to make it stop. I pounded the table for ‘moderation.’ Facebook found it easier to shut me up than remove my tormentors. Why? Because lately it seems right-leaning libertarians and conservatives are assigned the blame. Milo Yiannopoulos has an Oscar Wilde-like wit that can hurt the feelings of the left and social justice warriors, but he should not be silenced because of “hurt feelings”. Twitter was out of line shutting down his free speech. He may have hurt your feelings, but if you’re willing to be in the public eye, then criticism must be expected
If we ban hate speech outright it means there will be someone out there who gets to decide what hate speech is—and that’s a noose we don’t want to see tightened. We don’t need censors and scolds telling us what we can say and cannot say. We don’t need commissars of free speech regulating the Internet.
Do us all a favor—stop being a victim. Stop the complaining. Laugh it off. Stop caring. Step out of your personal hell. And tell Twitter to reinstate Milo’s free speech.

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New Ben Garrison Cartoon, The Trump Pence Train


Trump picked his VP and there was some grumbling about it. Pence supported TPP and some of the globalism that seems to be intrinsic to the Republican Establishment. Pence comes across as an old fashioned Reagan-era conservative. Perhaps Trump is going after the Christian conservative vote that went to Cruz. I was hoping he’d choose more of a populist outsider such as himself.

Regardless, Hillary must be stopped. She’s evil incarnate. Trump is a smart man and must know what he’s doing. There are no perfect candidates, but Hillary is a criminal and the most imperfect candidate in history. Let’s see if the Trump Train can defeat her.



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New Cartoon “The Radical Islam Pendulum”


New Cartoon, “Radical Islam Pendulum” I drew this in response to the Nice, France terror attacks…how much lower will the pendulum swing?

UPDATED with perspective

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“New Ben Garrison Cartoon, Feeling the Bern”


Bernie Sander’s decision to support the crooked, corrupt criminal Hillary Clinton was despicable. He once denounced her as ‘unqualified’ and described her as an establishment candidate owned by Wall Street and the banking oligarchy. No he’s endorsing her.

Some Bernie apologists commend him by stating that he had to do it to keep the Democrat Party in tact. But why should he? The party is rigged and corrupt. Super-delegates are pre-decided. The voters ’say’ has been compromised. Bernie was ripped off routinely. What happened in Nevada, for example.

Shame on you, Bernie. We thought you had integrity. Now you are endorsing the very face of the establishment. You have embraced the whore of Wall Street. My older brother donated to your campaign, but lost faith in you before you endorsed Clinton. He’s a smart man and saw the writing on the wall. I never supported you—I know that your communism doesn’t work—but I admired your integrity. Now I don’t admire you at all. You sold out.


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New Cartoon “The Race Baiter”


New! Ben Garrison Cartoon “The Race Baiter” 

The globalist elite want to divide us. They use race as a means to bring about more hate, and thus they can usher in more control for themselves. Hillary (backed by Soros) is ready to take over the fishing Obama has been doing. She will try even harder to reel in gun control and make sure even more federalization happens. She and Soros will try new false flag lures in their tackle box to attract more tyranny.

Instead of diversity, Americans need unity—all races and creeds should come together to toss out the globalists on their collectivist ears. Starting with Hillary.

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Ben Garrison Brexit Original Cartoon on ebay


Own a piece of history. The editorial cartoon “BREXIT,” by Ben Garrison, has been seen by millions all over the world. It has been translated into German. It has appeared on a popular Italian news program. It has been countlessly re-tweeted, re-blogged as well as published in print publications. It may have swayed some minds. It has been denounced and praised. A pro-EU columnist in “The Guardian” said the cartoon was similar to Nazi propaganda. Others pronounced it a breath of fresh air—someone actually had the gall to illustrate the problems and reasons why Britain has left the European Union. Ben Garrison is not afraid to tweak the nose of political correctness.

Dozens of signed prints have already been sold to people all over the world. Here’s your chance to own the original. It has been hand-colored by the artist. The original black and white india ink brushed cartoon was scanned and colored using Photoshop. There were also some minor adjustments and modifications made on the computer. You will be purchasing the original as drawn by the artist.

To view the auction Click here

brexit lord Ashcroftbrexit on Italian TV

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New cartoon “Hillary’s Burn Bag”


New Cartoon “Hillary’s Burn Bag”


Hillary, the old bag that she is (a bag filled with scum) managed to wriggle off the hook once again. Laws do not apply to her—she can do whatever her shriveled, black heart pleases. When elected president (it’s rigged, folks) she will put the Constitution in the burn bag. When she does, that…it’s time for a revolution.

Disgusting, Hillary. Disgusting.
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