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Hillary’s Command and Control Bunker


This cartoon was a commission for my friend Mike CernovichHillary’s Command and Control Bunker circa 2017. Really liked drawing this one- visit www.grrrgraphics.com

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“Hillary’s Stool” New Ben Garrison Cartoon


Hillary Clinton has serious health problems. She needs stools and pillows at hand constantly. She wants to debate Trump sitting down. She may be wearing adult diapers as well as a catheter bag. She may have the onset of dementia. It appears she has recurring seizures. She needs long bathroom breaks. She needs a lot of rest.

Trump is getting 10x the people at his rallies that Hillary is getting at hers. Few like her. Most despise her—even progressives.

Therefore, she’s probably making sure the polls are rigged. She will probably rig the election, too. After all, she likes rigging things in her favor. She had the DNC rig things in her favor and against Bernie. Let’s see if she tries this tactic again. If the lying criminal traitor Hillary Clinton gets away with it, it may be time for a revolution.



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Ben Garrison on Alex Jones Show Aug 19th 2016

live now info wars

I made my second appearance on the Alex Jones Show yesterday. I enjoyed talking to Lee Ann McaDoo and we talked about the Clinton campaign and how political cartoons can influence on public opinions. Click to watch the video!

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“Weekend at Hillary’s” Ben Garrison Cartoon


This cartoon was based on the classic movie, “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Two young men tried to keep their dead boss, Bernie, looking alive for various reasons. The mainstream media and the rigged DNC are doing the same for Hillary. Without them, her presidential run would have expired and, ironically, ‘Bernie’ Sanders would be the nominee.

Hillary doesn’t have good footing lately. She also doesn’t have good standing with many voters, either. She’s corrupt to the core and has tried to cover up endless scandals. She’s above the law, but not above ill-health, however. She’s having more and more trouble covering that up. The coughing fits. The facial ticks. The hideous cackling for no reason. Her weird hole in her tongue. Her seizures. Her forgetfulness. She claims Trump is her husband. She said she wants to tax the middle class. She once said, ‘It takes a village.’ Yes it does, Hillary. It takes a village to help you up the stairs.

Sure, some are willing to overlook Hillary’s crimes and incompetency. They claim be ‘with her,’ but she’s looking withered.

Hillary is incompetent morally. She was a disaster as Secretary of State. She’s incompetent physically. She’s a brain-damaged danger who must be kept out of the White House and her shaking fingers away from the nuclear button.

Ben Garrison

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OPERATION Hillary Clinton Edition


New ‪#‎BENGARRISON‬ Cartoon‬  ‪‎Operation‬ ‪‎HillaryClinton‬ edition Hillary’s game is in trouble. She has obvious health problems. So play the game and help her out.

PS. Thanks to the Anon on twitter who gave me this idea last night- Wish I had time to draw all the great ideas people give me- with your help maybe one day I can!

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Ben Garrison Cartoon “Keep On Canklin’ “


We now live in a country with a government that is no longer responsible to ‘We The People.’ It is now owned by globalist oligarchs. They no longer care if we know. It’s ‘in our face.’

Hillary Clinton is their candidate. Her corruption is grandiose in scale and now openly on display. She is above the law. They don’t even care if we know that. In fact, they want us to know. They want us to know that we are powerless.

The DNC rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary, aka “Cankles.” The FBI also rigged the tremendous evidence in favor of Hillary. She should be in prison. Instead, she was exonerated with the feeble excuse that ‘it wasn’t intentional.’ She is of the global elite. She is above the law.

It’s time for all good citizens of this country—citizens who want to adhere to our Constitution—to resist those who have stolen our country from us. Some have realized this and have abandoned the country. Robert Crumb is one of them. Instead of staying here and drawing cartoons along the lines of George Carlin, the old man instead fled to some chateau in France. He has transpired into the realm of irrelevancy.  God speed, Mr. Crumb.    C’est la vie.

Ben Garrison

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New Cartoon “Arrows of Her Arrogance, Hillary Clinton”


New Cartoon “Arrows of Her Arrogance”
This cartoon was a commissioned piece for Stefan Molyneux. Check out his videos here!
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