The Crooked House of Clinton


This is a complicated cartoon, but the Clinton’s faults are myriad. Do we really want Hillary back in the White House?

She’s dangerously unqualified by both intellect, judgment and temperament. She does the bidding of those who contribute millions to the Clinton Foundation. The Saudis are one of her big backers. No wonder she wants war with their arch-enemy, Iran. I have no problem with a woman president. It just shouldn’t be her.

It’s time to bring down the crooked House of Clinton.



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Obama’s Leftist Lens, New Cartoon


My new cartoon has leaked a little early, a few fans got a little over excited about this cartoon and posted it on the /r/ The_Donald..that’s okay, it is very timely.

Here is the new Ben Garrison Cartoon “Obama’s Leftist lens”

Obama doesn’t want to say ‘Islamic Terrorism.’  It’s obvious he doesn’t want to condemn Islam in any form. He’d much rather attack the 2nd Amendment and ‘bitter clingers.’ He wants to round up the guns while at the same time, more guns have been sold to Muslims in the middle east than ever before under his administration. Hillary murdered Gaddafi and made sure ISIS got guns. That happened under Obama’s watch.

The liberal lens wants to make sure the focus and blame always goes to conservatives, whom they call names such as ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’—especially conservative Christian gun owners. Obama uses the lens to help him to avoid looking at a harsh reality—Islamic terrorists DO exist. They are created in part due to senseless war in the middle east perpetuated by Obama and his masters.

Many Muslims want Sharia Law—not our Constitution. Yet Obama wants to import millions more. If we object, we are called ‘racist.’ Islam is not a race.

Americans are fed up with excuses, obfuscation and lies told by leaders who refuse to connect with reality. Americans are sick and tired of being called ‘racist’ or other names simply because we don’t want to import millions of people who don’t assimilate well into western culture.

It’s time to put down the leftist lens when viewing reality.

Ben Garrison

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The Guardian’s salty tears over my Brexit “Abandon Ship” Cartoon


Today the Guardian published a hit piece on me–suggesting I’m a ‘Nazi’ and ‘anti-Semitic.’ Ho hum….I’ve heard that for years and it remains nonsense. There is nothing anti-Semitic about this cartoon. There is a MUSLIM flag above the EU flag representing the influx of people who do not want to assimilate into western culture. It’s not the Star of David.

The rape of people in Europe and particularly in Sweden by Muslims is a very real and a big problem. Oh–but nobody can even mention that because they might instantly be labeled ‘racist’ and ‘nazi.’ Political correctness must always rule reality! People need to stop fearing the dreaded ‘racist’ word and speak out–stop letting the commissars of political correctness decide whose speech is valid and whose isn’t.

Meanwhile, here’s the cartoon again–translated into German thanks to a friend in Germany who helped with the translation.


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“Abandon Ship! Brexit, Great Britain’s Escape” Ben Garrison Cartoon


New Ben Garrison cartoon- for my friends in the UK- “Abandon Ship! Brexit, Great Britain’s escape from the EU “ I sum things up in this rather complex cartoon.

UPDATE:   It’s past time the EU breaks up. It’s time to end these vile institutions that are designed to enslave humanity. End the UN. End the IMF/Federal Reserve central banking oligarchy. And while we’re at it, round up all the Bilderberg attendees and put them all in prison.  Here’s a good message I came across last night that aligns with my views:

Millions of Taxpayers worked for a lifetime, earning and saving for retirement, only to have it stolen in 2008 by criminals on Wall Street. This money was not lost or destroyed. It was stolen. By deception, lies of omission, and outright lies, illegal collusion, insider trading pump & dumps, and 101 other means not yet revealed, the life savings of millions of Taxpayers was stolen. These are not baseless accusations. The testimony of Alayne Fleischmann is sufficient to convict JP Morgan of criminal behavior that was commonly practiced by its peers. Overall, trillions of Dollars were stolen from millions of Taxpayers.

The injured parties demand full restitution, since this savings is their sole means of survival. Given the unreasonable disparity in wealth between those who control and directed the criminal actions, versus the victims, restitution is justified. The amount owed is due to the extent of the fraud.

 Due to the fraud described above, each Taxpayer is owed at least one million Dollars. Social Security is an appropriate mechanism by which to return the stolen wealth.


Do what Iceland did. Repudiate the debt they create out of thin air. Kick the banker-aligned politicians out. Kick the bankers out or put them in prison. End their sick and immoral system of money. Make them pay back hard working Americans. They have been stealing from us for over 100 years now. Time for pay back! Stop importing millions of people who do not want to assimilate into western culture–a culture of freedom worth preserving.

Maybe Brexit will be the start of this trend!

—Ben Garrison

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Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic National Correspondent posts libel- no research


I was recently libeled in ‘The Atlantic.’ The reporter, Jeffrey Goldberg, published a cartoon that had been defaced by trolls without any explanation–my name was on it and he apparently considered it to be my real work. It wasn’t. Here is my letter to him:

You are an award-winning journalist with a legitimate beef. I get that. I know what it’s like to get hate mail day after day—I’ve received it for years.

But when you posted that vandalized, trolled-cartoon with my name on it, you committed libel. Before you attack a Trump supporter as a some kind of Nazi anti-Semitic nut job, perhaps a modicum of research is in order, no? Isn’t that basic, ethical journalism? I know that cartoon aligned with the narrative you were trying to convey, but did you even search my name to find out that I’m the most trolled cartoonist in the world?

Here is my real cartoon. I drew it for Halloween, and the corrupt establishment for both parties is represented by Dracula:


Anonymous trolls stole the cartoon and changed it into anti-Semitism. They pasted the anti-Semitic meme face onto it. That was originally drawn by Nick Bougas, who went under the pen name of  ‘A Wyatt Mann.’  I never grant permission to anyone to deface my cartoons. What they did constituted copyright infringement and libel. You compounded their libel by giving it a larger arena in the The Atlantic.

Yes, I support Trump. No, I’m not a Nazi and in fact I’ve spoken out against anti-Semitic hatred many, many times. I published a book disavowing the racism and anti-Semitism the trolls tried to assign to me. The trolls weren’t only from the far right, either. Some are social justice warriors from the far left who are determined to ruin my reputation and make sure I don’t get work.

You need to publish a retraction and an apology, next time do a little research, Google can be a wonderful tool.

Ben Garrison

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New Cartoon, “Surf’s Up! California Primary”


New Cartoon! “Surf’s Up!-California Primary”

Here is a simple cartoon I dashed out after watching the California primary.

Hillary beat Bernie decisively in California, but the old socialist seems to be ready to hang on. He appeals to younger voters with his cries for ‘social, racial and environmental justice.’ We have something called the Constitution that lays out a framework of justice for citizens. What Bernie keeps talking about sounds expensive, and if he’s referring to support for social justice warriors, no thanks. Their idea of ‘justice’ involves silencing people with whom they disagree. Or getting people fired for saying the wrong thing. This is how communists operate hence the appeal of Bernie. In his speech last night he talked about continuing the ‘struggle,’ an old communist buzz word. Senator Sanders is correct that corrupt, crony capitalism is running rampant and they are running the government, not the people. However, the creation of more tyranny and taxation isn’t the answer. Again, all we need is to return to the Constitution.

As for Hillary, it’s all about voting her simply because she’s a woman. It’s ‘historic’ and a ‘proud moment,’ but little mention was made of her complete and utter corruption and criminality. We’re supposed to vote for her simply because it’s about time we had a woman in the White House. I have no objection to a female president, bit returning Hillary there is a terrible choice regardless of sex. She spouted her usual platitudes including ‘building bridges’ and ‘breaking down barriers.’ If elected though, you can be sure she’ll be carrying out the bidding of the globalist central bankers, just like Obama has done.

Unlike previous Republican candidates, Trump will pull no punches and he will remind people of Hillary’s lies and crimes. Bernie was a tough challenge for Hillary, but her real fight has just begun.


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New T-shirt “Morning in America”

morning in America

Latest t-shirt design from GrrrGraphics Shirts! 

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New Cartoon, “Freedom Dudes”


New Ben Garrison Commission “Freedom Dudes” for

Check out my politically incorrect buddies at Single Dude Travel- great site for travel, culture and politics geared to the single men.

When I have the time, I accept commissions, you can find my rates at my FAQ page at

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New Cartoon “Time to Ditch the Witch”


New Cartoon “Time to Ditch the Witch”


The liberal media keep saying Trump is ‘dangerous.’ Wrong. Hillary is a toxic candidate who will continue the status quo game plan of the central banker elite who are really running the show. She’s a toxic, corrupt, lying criminal as well as a power-mad warmonger. When Trump is elected, he needs to send this crooked cackling cankled creature straight to the slammer. #CrookedHillary #DitchtheWitch

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Ben Garrison, Guest on Alex Jones InfoWars show

trigger Ben


I was on the Alex Jones show today and I had a lot more to say, but of course there were time constraints. One thing I couldn’t make clear (time was running out) is that it is the SJWs who are engaging in hate speech. NOT us. 

When the SJWs shout us down, make death threats, call us insulting names and also try to destroy our livelihoods…well, that’s the epitome of hate—and hate speech.

But never admit flaws to the SJWs and NEVER apologize to them. If you do, be prepared to apologize for the rest of your life. There’s never a need for you to apologize for hurting a Social Justice Warrior’s feelings. That’s a by-product of free speech!

—Ben Garrison

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