The First Debate, Trump vs. Hillary and Hillary


The First Debate

I always have a hard time watching Hillary Clinton because she makes me too angry. We shouldn’t even have to be suffering her presence after all her scandals and criminality. But there she is—serenely expecting to be our next president. Obviously she was well-rehearsed and had some zingers ready. She was in attack mode for most of the debate and that put Trump on the defensive. He should have laughed off a lot of the nonsense and concentrated on the big picture: Hillary’s massive corruption and criminal deeds such as pay for play.

To make matters worse, the moderator was pro-Hillary. (Of course!) He aggressively attacked and questioned Trump, while letting Clinton off the hook. She stood with robotic calmness and without any hint of health problems. She’s learned to look placid and presidential. Hence her half-shut eyes, which she probably thinks makes her look more confident and qualified. To me, it makes her look contemptuous of us all. Under her phony, calm exterior lurks an angry control freak who once broke a White House antique by throwing it at her husband.

The long-expired birther debate was dwelled upon while the criminal operation known as the Clinton Foundation was barely mentioned. The birth certificate is a proven fraud, but somehow facts are racist and anyone even talking about it is a horrible person. Because Hillary said so. Trump could easily have waved off such sidetracking. Obama’s term is nearly done and he’ll get away with his lies. Hillary actually said the ‘birther’ controversy ‘hurt Obama’s feelings.’ That’s racist! Classic SJW stuff.

It was the epitome of absurdity when Hillary mechanically described the importance of cyber security. Trump had an opening there, for sure. He could have mentioned how she illegally hammered evidence out of her Blackberry phones, as well as bleaching her illegal server.

Hillary attacked ‘those at the top,’ but that’s what SHE is. She’s in the pocket of the globalist bankers. The Rothschilds tossed a $100,000 per head dinner for her. Goldman Sachs paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars for a secret speech. I doubt she made any speech at all. She will do the bidding of her masters—all else is prevarication to get herself elected. She says stuff voters like to hear, but once she’s president she will line her pockets as she strips away more liberty from Americans.

I expect Trump to do better during the next debate. He needs to stop being defensive and go on the attack more persistently. —Ben Garrison

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Cuban Style Pickles, Ben Garrison Cartoon


Mark Cuban epitomizes a rabid, front-row sitting Hillary supporter. His anti-Trump argument consists of bluster and insult. Add in a pompous attitude and self-aggrandizement and we see a swaggering billionaire just waiting to get his basketballs popped. Perhaps Cuban’s self-esteem has already lost its bounce. He’s seeing a fellow billionaire one step away from the White House. His jealousy is showing. Why else would he troll media and drop hints of becoming a vice president or even presidential candidate himself?

The corpulent ego known as Mark Cuban has now been trying to inject himself into the upcoming presidential debate. He’s secured a front row seat and he’s ready to glower at Trump.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to distract Trump, Mr. Cuban. What you need is a real debate of your own. To make it interesting, you’ll need a good opponent such as Mike Cernovich. You know him—he wrote the best-selling book, “Gorilla Mindset,” and he’s one of Hillary’s so-called ‘deplorables.’

You’ll need more than braggadocio to compete with such a man. You’ll need to summon up logic and reason—along with some courage and testosterone. Stop hiding under Hillary’s Mao coat, Mr. Cuban. Get out on the court of real debate. —Ben Garrison

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Johnny Allah Seed


Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. There’s plenty of evidence to support that statement. His stepfather was a Muslim in Indonesia, where young Barry received his Islamic religious training. He once said that the sweetest sound he knew was the Muslim call to prayer. He can speak Arabic without an accent. He’s never missed a chance to promote Islam to the American people. In once instance he claimed “Islam has always been part of America.” He probably said that because Thomas Jefferson owned a Koran. Jefferson obtained the book so that he could better understand the behavior of Muslims in order to defeat the Barbary pirates. Obama failed to mention that fact.

Obama loves Islam so much that he can’t bear to say ‘radical Islam.’ He’s planted the seeds of future terrorism by promoting an open border policy that has allowed ISIS to gain a strong foothold in America. The Excuse Maker in Chief even made a speech in which he claimed he’d never say the words ‘radical Islam.’ His head is firmly planted in the Saudi sand.

If Hillary is elected she’ll continue Obama’s policies. She wants to bring in even more Muslim refugees. She greatly admires Merkel and wants to follow in her footsteps. Why are these so-called ‘leaders’ doing this? Because they think it will be easier to usher in their globalism if they can first break down western civilization. Violence and fragmentation inevitably results when countries are flooded with too much diversity too quickly. When people are preoccupied with conflict while also trying to make a living, it’s more difficult for them to unite against the tyranny being inflicted upon them.

Most of these ‘refugees,’ like most Muslims living in America right now, want Sharia Law–not our Constitution. That suits Hillary just fine. She doesn’t follow the Constitution anyway. Besides, she’s accepted $25 million from the Saudis and will support their interests. She doesn’t seem to care about the mistreatment of gays and women there, yet Hillary the liar and hypocrite still claims to be a supporter of women’s issues. Her friend and operative Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim brotherhood and terrorism, yet there are rumors Hillary will make Huma the new Secretary of State.

Obama and Hillary share the same Islamic vision for America. It’s time to show both of these traitorous, lying frauds the door.

These two Alinsky-ites have done their best to destroy America and replace it with world government. They need to be swept into the dustbin of history. It’s time to arrest Hillary for her crimes. Hearing a judge pronouncing her ‘guilty!’ would truly be among the sweetest sounds.

—Ben Garrison

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The Hillary’s Health Bingo Game!


A quick cartoon graphic I dashed out today. Stay tooned more to come!   Thank you for the support!  Patreon

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The Frog in Hillary’s Throat


Just when we thought the presidential race couldn’t get any stranger, a cartoon frog named ‘Pepe’ has jumped into the fray. According to Hillary’s site, “important questions have been raised” because Trump’s son posted a spoof image that included his father and the frog.

Pepe first appeared on Internet nearly 10 years ago. He was originally drawn by Matt Furie as a means to express various emotions including, “It feels good man.” From there, he evolved into a meme that was used to highlight political opinions opposed to the establishment in both major parties. Pepe represents satire and laughter and belongs to no particular ideology or party. Young Libertarians, anarchists, conservatives and centrists have all posted images of him. If anything, Pepe stands as a symbol opposed to cultural Marxism, globalism and political correctness as epitomized by the social justice warrior movement and the corrupt status quo.

Pepe was hijacked by Hillary because she’s the very face of establishment corruption. Hillary loves to demonize her opponents. Her mainstream media operatives are losing viewers and narrative control to right-leaning, truth-telling opponents on the Internet. That’s why Hillary must turn Pepe into a deplorable white supremacist ‘alt right’ symbol to be used against Trump, whom she hopes to paint as a nut job.

Hillary and her campaign have failed to realize how memes work. Her attacks will only make Trump and Pepe stronger and she will face even more ridicule and laughter—what young people now call ‘keks.’

Hillary remains deeply unpopular among most Americans. She’s a power-hungry congenital liar, a money grubber, a murderer and a corrupt to the marrow traitor. She may also be dying along with her campaign. Pepe could be the final nail in her coffin. She’s desperate and her arguments are weak—hence her resort to name calling. It won’t work. The 2016 election will be known as the year a major candidate fought against an Internet frog—and lost. Kek.

—Ben Garrison

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Stay Deplorable, my friends


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Join the Deplorables for Trump!

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We Remember


#NeverForget the 2,997 lives lost in the September 11th, 2001 attacks. We also remember the lives lost in Benghazi, Libya when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State four years ago today.

For more photos of September 11, 2001 visit

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Star Trek 50th Commemorative Cartoon


Click to Enlarge Cartoon

I  began watching ‘Star Trek’ when I was a little kid. I watched the original programs as they were broadcast. I watched some of the other series over the years, but the original episodes remain my favorite. I was never a ‘Trekkie’ per se, but I did attend an event at college where James Doohan (Scotty) was the speaker. The auditorium was packed. He was a real star and fielded many questions. Everyone loved him.

So naturally I was disappointed not to see him on the ‘Star Trek 50th Anniversary Commemorative Issue’ just issued by ‘TIME.’ Maybe the PC crowd at ‘TIME’ thought he would make one white man too many. Fine. I thumbed through the slick magazine and came across a Trump slur. What does he have to do with Star Trek? ‘TIME’ compared him to an alien species known as the Ferengi. They are greedy, ugly capitalists. Some wag at ‘TIME’ couldn’t resist and so their own biased politics were allowed to pollute the commemorative.


With that spirit in mind, I decided to draw my own ‘Star Trek’ commemorative—a cartoon. Now if Hillary were in ‘Star Trek,’ who would she be? A blue Andorian with antennae? A Danebian Slime Devil? No…that would be too mean. She needs to be part of the Federation and someone of lofty rank. So I made her a Captain. A captain similar to Christopher Pike, only without his honor and courage.

Non- ‘Star Trek’ fans may not ‘get’ this cartoon, but those of you who are most certainly will. To my fellow Star Trek fans—it’s up to you. Who would you vote for? Captain Trump or Captain Hillary? My choice is obvious.

—Ben Garrison

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