“Know Your Meme” interview with Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison

I had a great time doing a Q&A with Don of “Know Your Meme”.  The interview was professional and fair and clearly tells my story of unwanted fame on the internet.  You can read the whole interview here at “Know Your Meme”  Thanks to Don and the rest of the staff!!

Know you Meme

Know Your Meme Interview with Ben Garrison

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“My Sides” for all the Chuckleheads out there


“Chuckleheads! Assemble!”   here or not…

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2015 Art Contest Winners Announced!


Thank you! Great to see the 10 year old entry, he gets it!

Originally posted on :

artcontestA couple of months ago (March 13, 2015), we thought it would be fun to host an art contest for the purposes of generating some new libertarian artwork, networking and more. We were a little worried that it might be a tough sell, seeing how we’re a pretty new website. But we were really pleased with the response we received, and are now happy to announce our winners for the Adult and Youth Category (see the details of the contest here). If you missed out this year, don’t worry – we’re planning on hosting another art contest next year! A big “thank you” goes out to each talented person who submitted a piece of unique libertarian themed art for this contest!

Adult Category 1st Place Winner!

BenArtMr. Ben Garrison writes that, “I’m not really enamored with Rand like I was with his father…I still hold a slight grudge due…

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Rogue Cartoonist by Ben Garrison ebook on Amazon


 No, I’m not just blowing smoke, my  ebook is now available on Amazon. 

 I also added in more cartoons to the ebook version as well as a new epilogue!
Thanks to everyone who has given me and Tina their support—and for those of you who already bought my printed book, I arranged for the ebook version to be available to you for only a couple of bucks. The book is also in the Kindle Unlimited Library where it can be read for free if you are a subscriber.
It has been quite a learning  journey for me. Those who have read my book have commented that they found it very interesting. 
By the way, I’m out of promotional copies of the printed book for now. I have a few in reserve that I’ll send out to publishers.
I did snail-mail out 70 free signed copies to anyone who wrote me a polite email. I sent free copies out to people all over the United States as well as copies to other countries such as Mexico, England and even a few were sent to Australia. Those books will be ‘rare’.
 Ben Garrison
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We got quite a few requests for this image, the CEO of Troll is cleaned up and rendered in Abode Illustrator…  and he joins “Cuck a Duck” in our Zazzle store


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Cuck a Duck by Ben Garrison

New Cartoon by Ben Garrison!*

Don't go quackers!

Don’t go quackers!

*Thanks to you know who!

Buy cuck duck here or don’t….

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You asked for it

hot wheels mug

UPDATE:    Thank you to everyone who supported Hot Wheels by buying HW items in our Zazzle store.  We will be sending the donation to Mr Brennan this week.  Thank you for helping!  

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Pepe goes to Montana

Pepe goes to Montana

Pepe goes to Montana

I got a lot of requests for Pepe, so here is the Ben Garrison version of a favorite meme.

I’ve also learned a great deal about memes and I have a chapter on memes in my book. One featured is the ‘Pepe the Frog’ which perhaps has the largest variety of variation. It remains very popular and it shows no sign of having run its course.

 I drew him as a self portrait!

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Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison E-book coming soon


Ben Garrison Rogue Cartoonist

Ben Garrison Rogue Cartoonist

I want to thank everyone who has purchased my book. Yes, I know it’s expensive because it’s a color book and ‘on demand.’ I wanted to charge just under $20 for it, but the publisher nixed that idea. However, I DO plan on releasing the ebook version soon.The ebook will be MUCH more affordable and I’ll also fix a few errors in the book as well as be adding more content back in. (I had to keep the printed version page count down to save money). Additionally, I want to thank all those people from 8chan who offered me encouragement instead of belittlement. It also helped reinforce my realization that my angry approach to the ‘trolling’ thing in the past was wrong. In fact, I was naive about Internet trolls when I was first attacked and I reacted with rage instead of reason. That won’t happen any more and besides, I consider my book to be a milestone on the subject. I’ll still work to remove impersonation pages on FB and elsewhere, but for the most part it’s time for me to move on–I have too many things I want to accomplish in life and dealing with trolling is too much of an energy drain. Maybe I’ll stop by 8chan again some time . –Ben Garrison

P.S. thanks, Tina for all of your help!

Buy Ben’s Book Here on Amazon (paperback) e-book coming soon!



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