Ben Garrison, Guest on Alex Jones InfoWars show

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I was on the Alex Jones show today and I had a lot more to say, but of course there were time constraints. One thing I couldn’t make clear (time was running out) is that it is the SJWs who are engaging in hate speech. NOT us. 

When the SJWs shout us down, make death threats, call us insulting names and also try to destroy our livelihoods…well, that’s the epitome of hate—and hate speech.

But never admit flaws to the SJWs and NEVER apologize to them. If you do, be prepared to apologize for the rest of your life. There’s never a need for you to apologize for hurting a Social Justice Warrior’s feelings. That’s a by-product of free speech!

—Ben Garrison

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Cartoon Commission for site Launch


New commissioned Cartoon for the grand launch of WeSearchR,  crowdfunding the Truth with Pax Dickinson and Charles Johnson!

I accept cartoon commissions if I can schedule the time,  my pricing is on my website under FAQ at

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Cartoon Commission for Stefan Molyneux “Not an Argument!”


New cartoon Commission for host Stefan Molyneux, topics range from philosophy to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics – and invents a few new ones to boot! This one was really fun to draw!


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Wayne Dupree Cartoon Promo by Ben Garrison


A custom cartoon for my good friend Wayne Dupree, 2015’s Conservative Blogger of the year! Listen to his podcast and follow him on twitter at @WayneDupreeShow

Support cartoons and the freedom of speech at  GrrrGraphics on Patreon! 

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Are you Triggered by Cartoon Satire? Sad! UPDATED


I drew a cartoon that was less than complimentary toward the First Lady. Let’s get a few things straight: It wasn’t racist. It was a humorous poke at a public figure. Liberals have praised her for her muscular figure and her ‘super ripped arms.’ Some, like Joan Rivers, have suggested she was a man. Well, transgenders are in vogue right now, right? So what’s the problem?

Michelle Obama is supported by taxpayer dollars and shares lavish vacations with her husband–all on the public dime. She forced a disastrous lunch program on the nation’s students. Now many are unable to even bring their own lunches. A sack lunch with a peanut butter sandwich and an apple were staples in my day. Now kids are forced to eat what the gubmint tells them–and forces parents to pay for it.

It was also a test of sorts. I’ve frequently been called racist for drawing cartoons featuring Obama. When someone who is not liberal draws African Americans–look out. That’s not allowed. Well, it needs to be allowed because they’re public figures and collect large salaries from taxpayers. I’ve been told my cartoons are ‘hateful’ and ‘unhelpful’ as well as the expected “I hate your guts why don’t you go kill yourself” fare. Too many Americans are now being silenced by social justice warriors (SJWs) and politically correct scolds who derive weird emotional satisfaction by strutting what they think is their ‘moral superiority.’ This kind of behavior is on the increase and it is stifling free speech to such a degree that even comedians don’t feel comfortable making jokes on college campuses.

Even the ‘Daily Mail’ jumped on the bandwagon and posted a story about me to generate anti-Trump outrage. They didn’t even bother to contact me for a comment.

I’ve seen very many outrageous cartoons drawn by liberal cartoonists that were critical of Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and even Dr. Ben Carson. Some were overtly racist, but those cartoonists receive a pass. Why? Because they’re progressive/liberal artists.

Nearly everything written or said these days can ‘trigger’ someone and throw them into a self-righteous rage. They are the most delicate of hothouses flowers. Maybe my cartoon will help toughen them up a bit. Unlike Bill Maher’s show, “Politically Incorrect,” my cartoon really WAS ‘incorrect’ whereas his program is, in actuality, mostly filled with political correctness. (He does rail against radical Islam which is refreshing). Maher routinely calls Trump an orangutan and says he has a ‘micro penis.’ Can you imagine a conservative talk show host saying similar things about a black politician? He’d be off the air in a heartbeat.

The outrage over one silly cartoon will soon blow over. It will be replaced by some new outrage and the SJW crowd will again go on the warpath. Hmmm…I guess ‘warpath’ is a politically incorrect word to use. Too frickin’ bad! If you SJWs don’t like it, you can go back to your safe spaces.



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“The Two Faces of Hillary Clinton”, New Cartoon


New Ben Garrison Cartoon- “The Two Faces of Hillary” remember if her mouth is open- she is lying.

Ben Garrison is self funded, we appreciate your support at

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New Ben Garrison GrrrShirts t-shirts

updated trumpicons stickersgetemouttaherer

Fun Ben Garrison designed shirts and stickers, with more added “Trumpyness” to “Make your Wardrobe Great Again”!  Ben Garrison is a self funded cartoonist,  t-shirt sales help keep the cartoon train chugging!  See more shirts at the “GrrrGraphics T-shirt shop” on TeeSpring

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“The Basketball Ring, Trump’s Slam Dunk” New Cartoon


Indiana was a critical state for Cruz, but instead Trump won a decisive victory. It was a slam dunk. Cruz might have done better had he not come across as desperate. Calling a basketball hoop a ‘basketball ring’ didn’t help in a state known for its basketball. Glenn Beck’s shrill appeal to God only made him come across as more of a nut. His behavior could not have helped Cruz.

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New cartoon “The Clintons, Snakes in the Grass”


New cartoon “The Clintons, Snakes in the Grass”

“Shut up silly voter, said the reptile with a grin… You knew DAMN well I was a snake, BEFORE you let me in!”

I rendered this cartoon in Illustrator. If you my cartoons, please help me stop Hillary with a small donation at my patreon page! I am self funded so every donation helps me get closer to being a FULL TIME cartoonist!

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“If you Build it- They won’t Come” Viral T-shirt

tshirt infowars

The viral Ben Garrison Donald Trump “If you build it- They won’t Come” shirt design was featured on the Alex Jones news report from the Costa Mesa Trump rally. Thanks to all the fans that have bought the shirt- we appreciate the support!  Check out all our shirts at the GrrrGraphics TeeSpring shop! 

grrrgraphicsshirts ad3

grrrgraphicsshirts ad3

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