John Boehner Cartoon, Rain, Rain, Go Away


John Boehner is known not just for his deep-orange suntans or his inability to restrain his tears, but also as a ‘consensus builder.’ Some Republicans might interpret that as an Obama butt kisser. Regardless, he’ll be resigning from Congress around Halloween. Many Republicans will say ‘good riddance.’ Now Boehner can enjoy a lucrative retirement while playing on the golf course with Obama.

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Special Sneak Peek of NEW Cartoon

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The FED chair that kept Yellen’ wolf


Lew Rockwell writes,

 “Once again the Fed’s bite has failed to live up to its bark. Despite months of expectations that it would finally raise rates for the first time since 2006, the Fed continued to sit on its hands while pointing to some unspecified date in the future when all the economic and financial stars will align in a way that makes a 25 basis point increase appropriate. Am I the only one getting bored by the repetition?”

No, Lew, you aren’t the only one. I’ve been following their farce for quite a while. The Fed keeps barking about a rate hike wolf, but that’s all it is—barking. If the rate hike cycle DID return, the wolf would blow down the Fed pigs’ house of straw. There’s simply way too much debt built up and rising rates would make that debt worse. It would crash the economy still further.

Savers are desperate to get some kind of return on their money. They get a fraction of a percentage while at the same banks gouge people with an average of 18 percent on their credit cards. The banks create money out of thin air due to fractional reserve banking and the people get the shaft. And before you tell me it’s the peoples’ fault for getting in credit card debt to start with, let me say many can’t find a job and if they can it’s part time and/or close to minimum wage. The under 5% employment the Fed brags about? More smoke and mirrors and data distortion. In other words, they’re lying. The economy is not humming along, or they would have raised interest rates years ago.

A record number of years at zero interest rates has not helped the economy. It has only helped the the super rich get richer. Besides, if things are so rosy as the Fed tells us, why the perpetual ‘emergency’ zero rate position? The Fed continues to lie about economic data to help prop up their market and to pretend they’re ‘in control.’ They’re losing control and they have no more ammo. They have no leverage. They no longer have any credibility. They can’t lower rates without raising them first. They’re pushing on a string. They’re kicking a can down the road. They’re pretending they’ll raise rates while remaining terrified by the prospect. They want to keep their corrupt casino game going for as long as possible. It’s a game that benefits an elite at the top while impoverishing the middle class.

Yellen even talked about sparking inflation. That is clearly against the Federal Reserve Act and when the Fed says its inflation goal is 2 percent annually they’re really saying, “If you save $10,000 today, we want it to be worth $9,800 at the end of the year. The missing $200 is theft. Quoting Karl Deninger, “It is a giant middle finger erected toward every person in this nation and has stolen trillions of dollars of your, my, and everyone else’s money over the last 100 years.”

The Fed’s mandate is to keep money stable. Instead, since the Fed got established just over 100 years ago, they devalued the dollar 98%. They installed a gestapo-IRS to intimidate Americans. The IRS is the real wolf in this situation. The Fed also created booms and busts instead of preventing them. The Fed is an abject failure.

 It’s time to end the destructive sham known as the Federal Reserve along with the pernicious IRS. Return the oversight of money to Congress where it belongs. —Ben Garrison

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Hello to all our fans,
I have some exciting news to share. I am now on What is Patreon? A site where you can become an online “patron” of your favorite creative artist.  Imagine your favorite creators making a living doing what they do best… because of your support.
Like most things worth doing, my cartoon enterprise takes time and money. Patron will make it possible for me to do what matters to me most:  The production of thought-provoking cartoons and commentary that can, even if in a small way, help change the tide back toward liberty. I already interact with many of my fans via email. I listen to them. Many of my cartoons ideas were directly sparked from fan suggestions. (see above cartoon) Many good ideas, however, have gone un-drawn because I didn’t have the time. Patreon will enable me to devote more time and energy to the endeavor. With your help, we can make a difference!
Thanks for your support!
Ben Garrison  
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Dancing with the Star: The Trump Tango


trump_tango_ben_garrison_rgbThe Trump Tango

Donald Trump continues to increase his commanding lead in the polls. There are a variety of reasons for this. For one thing, he’s not politically correct. I suspect most Americans, like me, are becoming very tired of being called ‘racist’ merely because they don’t want to go along with the New World Order. That phrase was first voiced by the first George H. W. Bush. To be sure, Trump comes from the 1 percent, but he’s not controlled by them. Trump seems to care about bringing back jobs and self-respect to the middle class. Will he do that? Can he do that? It remains to be seen.

Most Americans are sick of the Bushes. We’re sick of the Clintons. We do not want dynasties. America is not set up to be run by royal families. We are not supposed to be a monarchy. We are tired of politicians who speak from a teleprompter. We are tired of politicians who are afraid to debate without first running issues through focus groups. We are tired of the fake liars who say one thing then do the opposite. We are tired of the phony baloney politicians who are run by lobbyists, special interests and the big-moneyed oligarchs who really run the show. Trump, for all his many flaws, is genuine. He does not dance around issues; he wants to solve them. Americans are saying, “Let’s face the music and dance.” They want to do the Trump Tango. —Ben Garrison

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An Open Letter To Jonah Goldberg – RE: The GOP and Donald Trump


Great read!

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

A few days ago I took the time to read your expressed concerns about the support you see for Donald Trump and the state of current conservative opinion.  Toward that end I have also noted additional media present a similar argument, and I took the time to consider.

goldberg headshotWhile we are of far lesser significance and influence, I hope you will consider this retort with the same level of consideration afforded toward your position.

The challenging aspect to your expressed opinion, and perhaps why there is a chasm between us, is you appear to stand in defense of a Washington DC conservatism that no longer exists.

I hope you will indulge these considerations and correct me where I’m wrong.

On December 23rd 2009 Harry Reid passed a version of Obamacare through forced vote at 1:30am.  The Senators could not leave, and for the two weeks previous were kept in…

View original 1,807 more words

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Authority Man now on ebay

authorityman original ebay

One of my favorite cartoons, “Authority Man” just listed on ebay! Watercolor and india ink on 22″ x 15″ bristol board! Thanks for looking


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Citizen Cattle owned by Big Government


I often get positive email from people with good ideas for cartoons. Surprisingly, all of the ideas have been good. I haven’t been able to draw them all, but I have thought about them. The idea for this cartoon came from a certain Alex L. I realized it was a good idea worth developing and so I did.

The more we let government decide things for us, the more we become their cattle. We aren’t supposed to question government. After all, they have our best interests at heart, right? We fear our militarized police and they treat us like animals, not citizens. The government says we don’t need to know if we’re eating GMO foods. We don’t need to worry about fluoride in our tap water. A little bit of poison can’t hurt us. Sure. We don’t need to worry about the falsehoods being told to us by mainstream media. We are burdened with debt (especially college kids) and debt slave money is designed to shackle us. We all become poor and on the dole. It’s just big government taking care of us, right?

A few years ago I drew a cartoon that featured forced inoculations and I was laughed at. But now it has become a law in California and some presidential candidates such as Ben Carson are openly espousing it. It’s inoculation by force. It’s inoculation by the point of a gun. Do citizens no longer have a choice about what they eat and drink? Don’t we have control of our own bodies? Don’t we have say? Well, we’d better start speaking out against these things before the government decides we are ready to be sent to one of their slaughterhouses.

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Donald Trump Dragon Slayer political correctness cartoon now on ebay

The original cartoon by  Ben Garrison “Trump the Dragon Slayer” on ebay

Art board size is 19 by 24 inches on bristol board. 

Media: India ink and watercolor. 
This is the original editorial cartoon “Donald Trump, Dragon Slayer” published on August 22, 2015. The artwork is the original pen and ink drawing that has been hand colored in water colors.  Signed by the artist and dated. Unframed.
Comes with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity 
Shipping is $7.00 Priority Mail with tracking
Ben Garrison is an independent political cartoonist from Montana. He has been published in newspapers and online at many websites.  You can find more of his work at his official cartoon site at grrrgraphics dot com    Thanks for looking and happy bidding! 
#DonaldTrump #2016PresidentialElections #GOP #Elections #cartoon #originalART 






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The Crony Capitalist Pyramid


It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club.” –George Carlin


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