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The Obamacare Monster

  The Republican plan doesn’t fix the death spiral of Obamacare, it simply subsidizes it.”–Rand Paul Senator Paul knows government loves taxes and bureaucracy and it will always be reluctant to vote away such power and control. So instead of … Continue reading

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Holding Back Liberty

We have another 4th of July holiday and I just finished reading the Declaration of Independence. In it, our founding fathers proclaimed their right to throw off the despotism forced upon them by the king of Great Britain. Today we … Continue reading

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My 20,000 Point Dow Life

The Dow was up nearly another 100 points today after yesterday’s loss. That seems to be the pattern. Every pull back is now seen as a buying opportunity. We are told the economy must be doing great because the market … Continue reading

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Matt’s Fury

Matt Furie, you’re doing it wrong. I was going to write an essay to explain why your attempt to kill off Pepé the Frog in your comic strip simply won’t work–and in fact, it will probably make the trolling against … Continue reading

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John McCain, the Mad Bomber

It’s time for John McCain to retire. It’s long past due.  Forget what you read about McCain on Wikipedia and other state-sponsored sites. His history has been sanitized and covered up by the globalists. Here we have a man whose … Continue reading

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Mainstream Mediasaurus

They once ruled the earth!   In some corners it’s crudely referred to as “Piss Gate.” It’s a disgusting and completely fictional event that led to the latest desperation exhibited by the mainstream media, who passed the story along as … Continue reading

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Europe, the Globalist Edition

  A cartoon I have wanted to do for a long time. If I ever make a trip overseas, will Europe be recognizable if Islam continues to gain power there? “No go” zones continue to expand while those who complain … Continue reading

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“Damage Control” New Ben Garrison Cartoon

Just before he was elected in 2008, Obama said he wanted to ‘fundamentally change America.’ Following are a few of those changes: Obama promised the most transparent administration in history. Instead, his was the most opaque in history. A record … Continue reading

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Lame Duck Putz Obama

Lame Duck Putz, Obama’s Legacy Obama seems determined to restart the Cold War (or worse) in order to protect his lie that the Russians were responsible for Hillary’s loss. Wrong. Hillary was responsible. She is the one who set up … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas From Ben, Tina and the entire Grrr-Team! A very Happy New Year to all!   Four Ways to Support Ben Garrison Cartoons You can become a monthly donor on Patreon for as little as a dollar a month! … Continue reading

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