Trump’s New Sprinkler Head- Ben Garrison Cartoon


Wow, so much cartoon material out there! Trump was making fun of Rubio’s sweating and water drinking habits today in Fort Worth, where Gov. Chris Christie endorsed him.  Seeing Trump sprinkling water at the audience and impersonating Rubio, gave me this cartoon idea “Trump’s Sprinkler Head” This was really fun to draw.  Trump is trending up following his massive victories in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries and the Nevada caucus. If the polls are any indication, he will be the clear frontrunner coming out of Super Tuesday and heading to Florida, where Marco Rubio is staking his entire political career on the March 15 primary. Trump is beating Rubio in Florida 44 to 28, according to Thursday’s Quinnipiac poll. Which would make Marco sweat….a lot! 

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