Mr. Bubble, when will he pop?


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Play the Al Gore Climate Change Game!


One thing I don’t like about true believers is they like to set up extreme negatives for those who disbelieve. Whistleblowers who don’t go along with statism are called ‘traitors’ and threatened with imprisonment. Don’t believe in war? You’re unpatriotic. Don’t agree with Obama? You’re racist. Don’t agree with Hillary? You’re sexist. Don’t believe in global warming, er, climate change? Your intelligence is questioned and your character impugned. You get called a stupid racist redneck or a planet hater. Some statists have even called ‘climate deniers’ to be imprisoned.

The climate change argument will not go away any time soon. Even though the ice caps at the poles is growing. Even though the sun is the primary driver of climate, it gets ignored. Why? Because those running the show at the top want us to pay a carbon tax for breathing. Who benefits from carbon taxes? Al Gore, of course.

The mansion-dwelling fossil fuel swilling, carnival barking huckster Gore has teamed up with former Goldman Sachs man, David Blood (Blood and Gore) to make billions of bucks in ‘green’ companies. He has a vested interest to push the global warming/climate change agenda no matter what. Scientists are bought off. Data are distorted. Meanwhile, the biggest threat to the planet, Fukushima, is completely ignored. If Gore truly cared about the Earth, wouldn’t he be raising awareness of Fukushima? No. Why not? There’s no money in it for him. –BG

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Playoffs 2014


I have liked football since I was a kid. I continue to watch it and I’m looking forward to the playoffs. Yes, I know it’s a big distraction from far more important issues our country is facing. I know the NFL has been corrupted by the big money masters. Since I can’t give up watching football altogether, I decided to draw this cartoon.

Obama has been carrying the Ball of Tyranny farther down the field. He needs to be stopped. We can stop him through impeachment. It’s a tackle the fraud-in-chief richly deserves. There are many reasons. Here are my top five:

1. His birth certificate is a proven, 100 percent forgery. He’s a phony.

2. Benghazi. He caused the deaths of Americans in order to get weapons in Libya into the hands of Muslim Terrorists (meant for a war in Syria).

3. “Fast and Furious.” He sent guns to Mexican drug gangs in order to smear American gun owners. This was one of the worst of his false flag events–all staged in order to confiscate our guns.

4. His support and signing of the NDAA.

5. Obama care. Not just for lying about what was in it, but also illegally changing the law after it passed Congress.


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My Christmas Wish


My Christmas Wish

I wish people would stop complying with outrages being generated by the state. If they did, there would be a good chance that we could restore freedom and liberty. We are many. They are few. Stop complying. This has already happened with the lie that is ObamaCare. Why not stop complying with all the nonsense? Power to the People! It happened in Iceland. They jailed their central bankers!

America is the Divided States of America. That is intentional. The state derives power by dividing and conquering. They divide by race, religion, region and political parties. Democrats vs. Republicans is a perpetual puppet show designed to keep Americans fighting and arguing with each other, but essentially both parties are the same. Vanilla vs. French Vanilla.

People endorse the state by voting in the hope that the state will ‘give’ them something. The state steals our money and we beg them to give us something back by voting. Stop voting. Stop complying!

Police are pulling people over and wanting to take blood. This is a blatant violation of our 4th Amendment. Resist! Make them taze you and then sue them. Stop complying!

Taxes will be raised still higher to help pay for a debt due to a dysfunctional system of money. Pensions and maybe even bank accounts will be seized. Stop complying!

Wars will be started and young men and women drafted. Stop complying!

The NSA commits traitorous acts and we are asked to ignore it. Stop complying!

The TSA wants to grope and irradiate people due to ‘terrorists’ that our own government created and supports. Stop complying!

The state wants to confiscate our guns. It is being done incrementally with law after gun law. Stop complying! (Thankfully, many state sheriffs are doing just that).

Obama asks you to sign up for an unfair health care system. His family and other politicians are exempt. Don’t comply!

Merry Christmas!

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U mad bro?


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Yes, I am mad. All Americans should be mad that every move they make is recorded by the NSA. It occurred to me that Obama is able to say outrageous things and do outrageous acts and get away with them without accountability. No impeachment, no responsibility. With his shadowy past, he’s like an ‘anonymous’ entity…who knows who he really is? Just like an internet troll. So I drew this cartoon. –Ben Garrison

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Obamacare in Action

obamacare fun

Obamacare is not about providing healthcare for people that don’t have it. ObamaCare is all about controlling the American people. By controlling healthcare, government can control your entire life.

Some bureaucrat in DC will approve your knee replacement. They will decide if you get treatment or a cane. Government will end up telling you what to eat (see Bloomberg), what vaccines you must take and punish people for non-participation. If you do not comply you will be called a racist, an extremist and/or a terrorist that wants anarchy.
Obama uses every opportunity to destroy the country from within. If you have a different opinion than the Obama regime, the government will send the IRS after you. (See Dr. Ben Carson). Yes, it’s true. The IRS has hired thousands of these ‘enforcers.’ They are charged with enforcing ObamaCare. They will fine and garnish your bank accounts if you do not comply. You will be poked, nudged and pushed into a sub-standard, non-voluntary, government-run healthcare program that will triple costs and extend waiting periods. Because we all know the government does so well at running things, (see Post Office, broke Social Security, Amtrak etc).
Government can’t even pass a budget, let alone manage healthcare for the American people. For those that say Obama won reelection and ObamaCare is the law of the land, so ‘get over it,’ all I can say is that’s a lazy, shallow and slave-mentality argument. Slavery was the law of the land. Segregation was the law of the land. Prohibition was the law of the land. The people rose up and these laws were made null and void, as should Obamacare. Martin Luther King Jr. had the right idea. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
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Forget Obama’s threatened ‘Red Line.’ He already stands in a line of blood. He has illegally started wars and now he wants to start another in Syria. If he starts it despite Congress loudly voting ‘NO,’ he should be impeached. He should have already been impeached for Benghazi. He should have already been impeached for ‘Fast and Furious.’ He should already have been impeached for NSA spying. He should have already been impeached for IRS corruption–directed by his administration.

The outrage Americans must now endure: It’s now an open fact that the USA supports Al Qaeda rebels while simultaneously searching for them in the pants of travelers at airports.

The good news: Americans are waking up to the totalitarian system being put in place by Obama’s rulers–the global bankers. Let’s all wake up and start throwing them all in prison. Starting with Obama and McCain. The prisons are too crowded? Make room for the traitors by releasing all ‘drug offenders’ and end the ridiculous ‘War on Drugs.’

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Master Blaster



It is now out in the open. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. Obama and his administration support al Qaeda and its equivalent in Syria. Obama continues to start wars for the benefit of the global bankers. Bush and Cheney lied about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ as an excuse to invade Iraq. Obama ran the same game plan against Libya, and Syria is next.

The plutocrats want endless war to feed their military/industrial/banking complex and Obama makes sure they get fed. Countries that do not participate in the global debt money system get targeted. JFK did not want war in Vietnam and he wanted to end the Federal Reserve. He was assassinated as a result. Saddam did not want to sell his oil based on the the debt dollar. His country was invaded and he was killed. Gaddafi wanted a separate African banking system based on gold. He was country was invaded and he was killed. The globalist’s ultimate target: Stubborn Iran.

Meanwhile, Americans get fried and groped at airports to protect them from al Qaeda. The government sent arms to drug gangs in Mexico while at the same time they want guns confiscated from Americans. Americans are now spied on with impunity. The Constitution is ignored–’for our safety.’

So there it is. Obama should be impeached, but instead he continues his power grab. He’s a liar and a fraud, but he won’t be impeached as long as the plutocrats want him there. He’s the little ‘Master’ sitting atop of a gargantuan ‘Blaster’ with multifarious acronyms. Americans are becoming prisoners of a system set in place by money whores–the tyrannical global banks. How to stop them? Peaceful non-compliance and protest. Ridicule them. Don’t participate. Don’t enter their big government ‘Thunder Dome’. –Ben Garrison

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MSM anti-gun robots attack!


‘MSM: Anti-Gun Robots’

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The New World Order wants Americans to give up their guns. Their various mouthpieces get wound up and use shame, ridicule, doctored polls, misleading and false statistics, comedy and repetition to get us to do it. Yes, their latest gun control bill failed in Congress, but they will never give up–especially with Obama at the helm. He will continue to drive hard to the hoop to take away more of our rights. They can’t have us standing up to an oppressive government. Slaves cannot be allowed to stay armed.

The irony behind all of this? The MSM media propaganda stooges DO believe in guns. The liberal dinosaur media believes in guns. Bob Costas believes in guns. Michael Moore believes in guns. Bill Maher believes in guns. Rachel Maddow believes in guns. Chris Matthews believes in guns. Piers Morgan believes in guns. They don’t believe average Americans should have guns. They believe only government-sanctioned ‘authorities’ should have guns. Only people wearing official costumes, badges, helmets and insignias should have guns. These government functionaries need to have guns in order to go door-to-door and threaten American citizens with murder to confiscate guns. In fact, government has been buying up the same guns and ammo (billions of bullets) that they say citizens shouldn’t have.

Bill Maher said the 2nd Amendment was ‘bullsh**t,’ but later he expressed some alarm that Boston had become a police state. He was right. It did. At least Maher acknowledged this. The photos showed it clearly–something was obviously wrong. A militarized police carrying out unlawful orders. Maher has had some libertarian leanings in the past and even had Ron Paul on his show a few years ago. The Boston shutdown was a sign of what is to come–especially if Americans are unarmed. The people WITH guns can and will get increasingly abusive and tyrannical. Maher should be afraid. An entire city was turned into a giant prison due to one lone teenager on the run. Millions of dollars were lost due the shutdown and millions more spent on the manhunt. In the end, a regular citizen found the kid. The cops made sure his boat was destroyed and the kid couldn’t talk. So much for due process. The government-sanctioned ‘authorities’ were also able to threaten and point guns at anyone who tried to leave their homes–including children.

People such as Michael Moore shamelessly use dead children as a means to smear gun owners while he conveniently ignores the fact that government illegally and unconstitutionally destroyed the Branch Davidians in Waco. Many children were killed by government forces. Does Moore cry for government to give up their guns because of that massacre? Of course not–he wants all power to the government. Statists always give the state a pass.

The more the MSM gets wound up about gun control, the more the people wind up buying more guns and ammo. –Ben Garrison

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Cut it off or DIE


It has been 100 years since the Federal Reserve came into being. It started as a conspiracy. It has ended up creating impossible debt for the American people while tremendous wealth and power was transferred to the banks who own it. Congress relinquished its responsibility to the private Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor a Reserve) ostensibly to lessen the boom and bust cycles in the economy. Instead, it has pushed and funded endless war (profitable for them), the boom of the Roaring ’20s, the bust of the Great Depression and currently the largest, longest ‘recession’ our country has known.

Another reason commonly stated to justify the Fed is that they prevent Congress, ignorant of economic matters, from spending the country into inflationary oblivion. In a way, that has still happened. The only difference is the money is not pure fiat. It is DEBT money. That means it must all be paid back with interest. That’s impossible since we the taxpayers have no printing press. Only the Fed gets to counterfeit and it’s legal because, well, they’re the Fed!

In order to pay back this artificial debt, the Fed helped create the income tax. Innocuous at first; it has now become a pernicious financial tyranny. The banks also made sure we got rid of the gold standard. They made sure silver, ‘real’ money, was driven from the economy. These same banks now control precious metals through shorting, collusion and corruption while the excess money they are printing ‘to help the economy’ helps nobody but the rich. That money goes into yet a new bubble: The stock market, which benefits mostly those who own most of the market already: the 1/10th of 1 percent.

As money concentrates into the hands for an elite at the very top, they will gain more power at the expense of the rest of us. We get our liberties stripped away. They certainly don’t want us armed and resisting. They want us working harder to pay more taxes to them as they send jobs overseas to countries such as China. In short, they have taken over the Republic by hijacking our money. Instead of green backs we have gangrene. That leads us to two choices:

1. Cut them off

2. Die

It’s time to end the Fed!

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