“Molon Labe” our new cartoon

Come and take it

Come and take it

This is a sample cartoon that will appear in our GrrrGraphics book that we hope to release early next year. There has been a bit of a delay for legal reasons.

This cartoon speaks for itself. As government entities become more corrupt, they will attempt to take away more of our money and liberties. The IRS attacks the establishment’s political enemies and when caught they destroy evidence. Nothing is done about it. Corrupt revenue generators, er, police, ignore the 4th Amendment and confiscate any cash found on citizens. People are tased or beaten if they object. Little if anything is done about it. The NSA records everything we do and nothing is done to stop them. The TSA gropes grandmas and little kids and nothing is done about it. Obama thinks he can enforce the UN gun ban treaty by presidential decree–the Senate be damned. And yet he’s not impeached.

Once they get our guns, their domination will be complete. They must not get the guns.

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The 2014 Stock Market Bubble



Why doesn’t the stock market crash?
 The short answer: There is no longer a free market in America.
Every pullback is met with shouts of ‘buy!’ on CNBC and back up it goes. The market goes up despite the threat of war, a possible epidemic and lackluster performances of major companies (Netflix and Amazon are recent examples). It goes up despite high unemployment, lack of buying by consumers and abysmal housing starts. If an asteroid hits the Earth, would the market then collapse? Probably not.
Everyone knows why. It’s not a big secret. The Federal Reserve keeps things propped up with endless quantitative easing. They may claim they are ‘tapering,’ but that’s just a token. The Fed may talk about raising interest rates ‘down the road,’ but they are posturing. They cannot raise rates. The debt has become so massive that it almost transcends imagination. The debt level is nearing $18 trillion, with unfunded liabilities are $127 trillion (Source: Forbes).
Roughly every taxpayer owes over a million bucks. Raising interest rates would make the debt, which has already gone past the point where it could ever be paid off, unmanageable. Taxes would have to be raised drastically. The middle class and small businesses would, as usual, bear the brunt of that. Many global corporations pay zero in taxes thanks to our thoroughly corrupt system. Small businesses take the brunt. Raising taxes even further would bankrupt many. Many would be pushed to the edge into outright revolt. Maybe we should be revolting already, considering how crooked the IRS has become.
Ending the easy money and raising rates would crash the market. That would hurt those who own most of the stock market–the top 1 percent. After all, most Americans own little or no stocks. The middle class is going away and the poor are forced to accept food stamps in record numbers. Most people can’t afford stocks–especially at bubble prices. The mainstream media are saying the unemployment figures are low and the economy is humming along just fine and dandy. Try telling that to a jobless college graduate burdened with enormous debt. The job figures are cooked by government propaganda ministries. Real unemployment is over 20 percent. Housing starts remain stagnant. Industries have been sent to slave labor overseas. Real wages are stagnant while the cost of food has risen. Too many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and are burdened with credit card debt.
Meanwhile, the stock market keeps rising, so the media are barking ‘all is well!’ All IS well for those at the very top. Especially for the 1/10th of the 1 percent. Those that control the printing press make sure the money keeps getting printed and flowing into their coffers. That money doesn’t go to the middle class or small businesses. OH NO! It goes to the global banks and corporations who own and control everything and everyone–including Congress. It goes into the stock market and to the companies they own. They are doing quite well and probably hope that most of us ‘useless eaters’ just go ahead and die so they can enjoy their fantastic paradise of wealth in peace.
When will it end? It will end when the dollar loses its world supremacy. When King Dollar gets dethroned, then we might see some serious crashing. That’s why there’s endless war. Nobody is allowed to leave the buck umbrella. Certainly not Saddam. Not Gaddafi. Not even Russia.
It’s time to end the Fed. It’s time to end the sick plutocracy that allows a few at the top to get fabulously richer while most Americans get poorer. If we counterfeit, we get sent to prison. Those who own the printing press can do it at will and without accountability. Those at the very top definitely will not give up their private printing press without a fight. The Congress won’t end the Fed. After all, both parties are largely the same and owned by the Fed. They’re not on the side of the people. They’re on the side of the central banks that own the Fed.
That’s why we need a third party–the Libertarian Party.
–Ben Garrison
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Hillary’s 2016 Presidential Race


“HER INEVITABLENESS: The Upcoming Election of HIllary Clinton”

It’s Hillary’s turn. The elites, DC chattering class, and bought-out mainstream media all say so. You will see specials on TV about ‘strong women’ and you will be groomed to think it’s “Hillary’s turn.” If you disagree, you’ll be smeared as sexist.

I’m all for a female presidential candidate as long as she supports the Constitution. Instead, we’ll get Hillary. She’s pick up where Obama has left off. There will be more war, more taxes, increasing totalitarianism and crony capitalism. The top 1/10th of the one percent will continue to get fabulously richer while the middle class will get poorer.

In short, the same shabby system will continue to be pushed down the road. The Federal Reserve will print money for their friends and the bought-out Congress will continue to rubber stamp whatever tyranny the president has in mind.

Hillary doesn’t deserve to be president. It’s NOT her turn. There has to be thousands if not millions of people more qualified–male and female. Instead the media will drum it into our heads that it’s ‘her turn.’ She’ll be jammed down the nation’s throat whether people like her or not. Polls and elections will be ‘controlled’ to make sure she gets in. After all, she’s got all the right credentials of corruption.

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When Government is a Hammer….Don’t be a nail!

hammer of Tyranny Big Government

hammer of Tyranny Big Government

One of our favorites~

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Big Man Tyrone speaks out in support of Ben Garrison

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.34.05 PM

Thanks to all of our supporters in the UK!

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Meanwhile down in the basement..”Go away, hatin!’”


Hate Speech is not Free Speech


Trolls continue to spread the lie that Ben Garrison is against ‘free speech.’ Not so!  It is true that I’m against ‘hate speech.’ It’s my prerogative to exercise my free speech to counter hate speech. In my opinion, hate speech has no place on social media. If Nazis want to stamp their collective feet in hatred, let them do it on their own sites and servers. They can knock themselves out there, but they’re not satisfied with that–they want to spew their acidic hate as far as possible. That being said, they don’t ‘own’ Facebook where community standards are clearly stated.

Oh sure, ‘hate speech’ is legal, all right. At least in America. But it’s not free. Someone pays a price. The trolls’ targets pay a cost when cyber reputations get destroyed and businesses get ruined. There’s a cost of TIME when the trolls’ targets must spend countless hours removing libel and filth. This is time lost that could have been spent doing something productive. Some of the trolls’ targets pay the ultimate price–suicide. Sorry, trolls, I won’t be doing that. I have too much work left to do. I have paintings to paint and cartoons to draw.

The trolls will never stop trolling me. They will never stop defacing my cartoons. They will never stop posting my face with ‘meme’ boxes and fake quotes claiming I’m calling for mass murder. To me, using someone else as a cover to call for mass murder is not satire. It’s not funny. It’s puerile sadism and malice. I will never stop trying to get such libel removed.

Andrew “Andre” Anglin claims it’s all in good fun–satire. Just a good chortle. Anglin considers the call for the murder of millions and starting a race war is fine as long as he calls it ‘satire.’

Andrew Anglin uses me, Ben Garrison, as a mask or foil to reveal his true feelings: An ugly, bitter hatred toward jews and others who don’t happen to be part of his ‘race.’ (It has been said that he himself doesn’t look ‘white,’ which must grate on him). He claims the holocaust is a hoax, but he’d be first in line to start another one if given the chance.

Anglin was running defaced cartoons well before he claimed it was ‘justified’ because of his claim that I’m against free speech. He screams loudly and spurts crocodile tears when his precious hate gets threatened. He whines that I’m against free speech, but he’s the first to trample upon mine by running defaced cartoons and stamping the Ben Garrison name onto any sort of trash in order to attract eyeballs to his dull and deadly site while begging for dough. He hopes someone will toss spare change his way. Yeah, it appears that hate is all about money, too. He’s the one chasing that rolling nickel down the street.

If Anglin had Hitler-like powers, he would end free speech in one big damn hurry. Fortunately, the young man has no power outside of his boring Daily NutJob site. It’s filled with pejorative and ad hominem attacks masquerading as journalism.

Please young people, do not follow such diminutive men (literally and metaphorically) who push small, hateful and long-discredited ideologies. They are trying to put old, rotten wine back into old, cracked bottles. There are big problems that require our attention. Do not let your attention get diverted by mindless hatred.

I will continue to draw anti-Federal Reserve and anti-statism cartoons. I will continue to criticize both Republicans and Democrats. Many thanks to everyone who understands the situation and rest assured I’m not against free speech and reasoned debate. I am also not against jews. I’ve known many during my newspaper career and they have been some of the finest people I’ve ever met. Including Steve Greenberg–even though I rarely agreed with the cartoons he penned.

–Ben Garrison


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Does the two party system work?

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Does the two-party system work?

This country needs alternatives to Republicans and Democrats. However, both parties use their power and dirty tricks to make sure viable third party candidates have no chance. For example, the Republicans, aka, ‘neo-cons’ stole many of the primaries from Ron Paul. Voting machines and polls are rigged. Voting irregularities abound. Petitions for alternative candidates are tossed out by corrupt judges. The mainstream media continue to brainwash the public and keep them debating blue vs. red, left vs. right, Tweedle D vs Tweedle R, while both parties become more corrupt and compromised.

My uncle’s thought on our current two-party system:

“I’ve often used the milking stool to make my point. We have been balancing this nation on a two legged support….one leg the Democrats and the other the GOP. No sensible farmer would park his butt on a two legged milking stool. A THIRD LEG is needed for balance. Yes, I’ve heard all the old arguments against three party systems. But I point to the present malaise and ask “Does the two party system work?”

Well it works out fine for the 1/10th of 1 percent. They continually get fabulously richer and more powerful. They contribute to and control both the Republicans and Democrats. It’s a win-win situation for them. Globalist policies are carried out regardless. Our republic gets destroyed incrementally. The middle class is going away. So are our liberties.

Votes for Republicans and Democrats get converted into statism. Eventually, citizens find themselves in a prison constructed from their own votes. It’s time for a third party. A party that supports smaller government and the consitution. A party that is against world empire and endless wars–including the ridiculous war on drugs. The Libertarian Party can become that third leg in the stool.

–Ben Garrison

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The “March of Tyranny” marches on….


Thanks to our friends at ZeroHedge.com for publishing “The March of Tyranny”    Tyranny keeps marching on!

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The Trouble with Dean, Epic Fails in Trolling # 16


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The Big Government Bulls**t Train

One of our favorites! Remember this WP page and GRRRGraphics.com are the official  sites for Ben Garrison Cartoons!  Any other cartoons that are altered and have racist images inserted into them are hacked cartoons.

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