G20 Memories, The Firm Handshake



To me, the most memorable moment of the G-20 Summit was the handshake between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. There’s no reason for Russia and United States to be engaged in a new cold war. Or a hot war arranged by globalists and central bankers. President Trump showed that he’s quite capable of marshaling a foreign policy and protecting America’s interests. He made it clear that he placed America first by wearing an American flag pin on his lapel, rather than the G-20 pin. You can bet the constantly bowing Obama would have worn the latter pin.

German Chancellor Merkel, Hillary’s favorite world leader, represented the globalist interests which include endless immigration, socialism, and ‘climate change,’ which is being used to help bring about worldwide communism. Both Putin and Trump are resisting such immigration and global elite control as well as the climate change malarky. This makes them both ‘bad guys’ in the eyes of the fake news legacy media. A left wing reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation smeared President Trump by stating he had ‘no capacity to lead the free world.’ Wrong. He’s just not going along with the globalist agenda–and that’s refreshing. Trump rejects bad deals and presidents from the past few decades have made way too many of them.

Meanwhile, German leftist antifa types rioted in the streets during the summit. What did they want? Completely open borders and free stuff, of course. Don’t agree with them? If you were on the streets there and disagreed, you could have expected assault and battery to come your way. There wouldn’t have been much help from the Polizei, either. This kind of violence is gaining traction here in America, too. Young people are getting socialism drummed into their brains at colleges everywhere. They’re encouraged by professors, the mainstream media, and by extreme political correctness to engage in violent behavior. They don’t want debate. They don’t want to agree to disagree with a handshake. They want socialism by means of force, even though the lessons of history have repeatedly proven that state sponsored ‘free stuff’ and forced equality always leads to poverty, suffering and mass murder.

—Ben Garrison

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  1. intheflow88 says:


    Soon you will see my $3 donation drop off. It’s not because I changed my mind to support you. It’s because I’m dying of adrenal failure which goes into cardiac instability when it gets extreme.

    Such a big thing to say I know. But I wanted you to know.

    Carry on brave heart! Carry on! Susan

    “Whenever love is poured into your heart or sent out as a blessing to others, the light of all things awakens.” -Matt Kahn


  2. Mr. Garrison,

    I’ve enjoyed most of your stuff, especially the bold way you take on liberals. And it’s quite a disappointment to see a cartoon like that coming from you.

    You speak about Putin as a respectable leader. But what kind of leader would call wives of his fallen marines “ten-dollar sluts”? What kind of leader would openly brag with using civilians as living shields and tell his military to remove all insignias, then go terrorize neighbor country choosing the very moment when it’s in trouble?

    Also you claim that Putin is against socialism. Even if you disregard things told here (and the fact that Komsomol leader Merkel has been Kremlin lapdog since times of USSR), here is a couple of little-discussed facts: in Russia there is ban on all handguns, enforced by Bolsheviks in 1917. Yes, TOTAL HANDGUN BAN made by COMMIES, and Putin feels absolutely happy about it. Of course they won’t tell you that on RTBS. Just as well as about “propiska”, which exists only in post-Soviet and communist states and is in fact a modern form of serfdom.

    And do I need to mention separately that under Putin’s rule, Moscow has acquired “Moskvabad” nickname due to the fact that nearly half of its population are now Muslims and Mongoloids, many of whom are criminal-minded illegals?

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