Are you Triggered by Cartoon Satire? Sad! UPDATED


I drew a cartoon that was less than complimentary toward the First Lady. Let’s get a few things straight: It wasn’t racist. It was a humorous poke at a public figure. Liberals have praised her for her muscular figure and her ‘super ripped arms.’ Some, like Joan Rivers, have suggested she was a man. Well, transgenders are in vogue right now, right? So what’s the problem?

Michelle Obama is supported by taxpayer dollars and shares lavish vacations with her husband–all on the public dime. She forced a disastrous lunch program on the nation’s students. Now many are unable to even bring their own lunches. A sack lunch with a peanut butter sandwich and an apple were staples in my day. Now kids are forced to eat what the gubmint tells them–and forces parents to pay for it.

It was also a test of sorts. I’ve frequently been called racist for drawing cartoons featuring Obama. When someone who is not liberal draws African Americans–look out. That’s not allowed. Well, it needs to be allowed because they’re public figures and collect large salaries from taxpayers. I’ve been told my cartoons are ‘hateful’ and ‘unhelpful’ as well as the expected “I hate your guts why don’t you go kill yourself” fare. Too many Americans are now being silenced by social justice warriors (SJWs) and politically correct scolds who derive weird emotional satisfaction by strutting what they think is their ‘moral superiority.’ This kind of behavior is on the increase and it is stifling free speech to such a degree that even comedians don’t feel comfortable making jokes on college campuses.

Even the ‘Daily Mail’ jumped on the bandwagon and posted a story about me to generate anti-Trump outrage. They didn’t even bother to contact me for a comment.

I’ve seen very many outrageous cartoons drawn by liberal cartoonists that were critical of Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and even Dr. Ben Carson. Some were overtly racist, but those cartoonists receive a pass. Why? Because they’re progressive/liberal artists.

Nearly everything written or said these days can ‘trigger’ someone and throw them into a self-righteous rage. They are the most delicate of hothouses flowers. Maybe my cartoon will help toughen them up a bit. Unlike Bill Maher’s show, “Politically Incorrect,” my cartoon really WAS ‘incorrect’ whereas his program is, in actuality, mostly filled with political correctness. (He does rail against radical Islam which is refreshing). Maher routinely calls Trump an orangutan and says he has a ‘micro penis.’ Can you imagine a conservative talk show host saying similar things about a black politician? He’d be off the air in a heartbeat.

The outrage over one silly cartoon will soon blow over. It will be replaced by some new outrage and the SJW crowd will again go on the warpath. Hmmm…I guess ‘warpath’ is a politically incorrect word to use. Too frickin’ bad! If you SJWs don’t like it, you can go back to your safe spaces.



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30 Responses to Are you Triggered by Cartoon Satire? Sad! UPDATED

  1. ruddy says:

    I lost it with the “special snowflake”. Haha. Keep up the good work. We got your back.

  2. Robert says:

    your disclaimer should read “without” I believe… you have: any unlawful redistribution or reproduction or altered/changed artworks with prior express written authorization of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited.

  3. A non says:

    Seriously though, why are these SJWs even taken seriously? If we’d all stop pampering them, they’d have no more power over us.

  4. Lady_Lbrty says:

    Omg I think I love you! Keep up the good work and I Loved the Michelle Obama cartoon!

  5. NotTriggered says:

    So it’s OK to burn the US flag but not OK to show the 1st “lady” in a cartoon? You can’t have it both ways. Awesome job, sir! Do NOT apologize! Wish I could “follow” but I’m not on Twitter.

  6. Seth Troy says:

    Hello. This is my first ever post, but I have been wanting to make this point for a while — a big part of the problem in this country is thoughtful, reasoned discourse has been replaced with hyperbole, and vicious attacks, that influence others and push the country towards two opposing camps. As a semi- public figure, you’re a huge part of the problem when you attack Mrs. Obama for a “disasterous” lunch program? Was it really a disaster? Did it cause an earthquake? A landslide? Was it a mass shooting? It was none of those things. It was a program that sprang from good intentions that you disagreed with for specific reasons. Instead of calling it a “disaster,” why not explain that you disagreed with the program and why. Encourage reasoned debate instead of pushing people to freak out and hate each other. Same thing with her travel. Abe Lincoln requisitioned summer living space at the Old Soldiers home in DC and Reagan flew a 747 to California regularly to visit his home. As a % of GDP, those vacations were probably in the same ballpark as the Obama’said vacations. Where’s your outrage? Also, the vacations have negligable impact on the financial situation of the country. Instead of making up attacks based on her vacations, why not just explain that you really wish her husband wasn’t in the White House because you disagree with her positions? When you use the language and perspective you do, it encourages your supporters to just be mad instead of thinking. Ironically, it also encourages people on the left to match your decisive approach and rhetoric and you get the kind of attacks against your cartoons that are upsetting you so much. The founding fathers created the electoral college, in part, to try and protect the country from what your work creates. Their hope was that voting was done by reasoned, thoughtful people who will discuss and resolve their differences and act united in the long term best interest of the country. Your unreasonable, divisive rhetoric encourages the opposite. I understand you have to make money and provide red meat to your constituents, but if your job requires you to push the already dangerous level of discourse father away from the thoughtful discussion among fellow countrymen that it needs to be, perhaps you should consider a less damaging line of work.

    • I didnt expect to actually find reasonable, intelligent comments here. Thank you for providing a voice of sanity

    • Stuart says:

      Wow. Slow down lady. You simply didn’t like this great artist’s social expression. I realize it has obviously offended you. Your reaction to his siterical cartoon is the very response he was looking for. It pissed you off. Don’t deny it you stuck up little bitch. Sorry about that.
      Many sheeple believe it’s best to go along to get along. However many of us on the opposite side of the argument believe it’s best to little fight or spat about everything little thing in our precious lives that we disagree with before we actually kill each other. over it. I do hope you realize going along to get along, can end up being fatal.

      • Seth says:

        Hello Stuart: Thanks for your response. It was so perfect because you perfectly demonstrated the point I was making. You totally had some reasonable ideas in there. You feel really strongly about things that you think are really important and you want to make a ruckus to disrupt the status quoue. That’s totally legit. I can respect that.

        But you buried a totally reasonable point in a bunch of high school insults. When you insult someone, it makes them mad and makes them want to insult you back. The insults and the anger then becomes the focus and your legitimate point gets lost.

        Plus, when we go down this road, we forget were all on the same side. I’m your countryman and maybe your neighbor. We pay taxes to support the same government, we share the same roads, out kids may end up in the same school system. Our mutual enemies are counties like North Korea and at home, our enemies are child molesters and other dangerous criminals.

        As I was saying originally, when we focus on insulting and attacking each other rather than addressing our real issues were not helping our cause and our country.

        Enjoy your memorial day weekend. I hope you’re able to take time to thank the brave soldiers who sacrificed so you and I can enjoy our freedom in this great country called America.

  7. Extablisment says:

    Hey – I’m a 50 year old man, not a baby… and you’re an asshole, plain and simple. Your idea of cartoon jokes is to insult someone (and betray your pathetic core values and lack of self-respect) and then blame them for their upset reaction. That is my “cartoon satire” so it’s free speech. Let’s see if you have the guts to post this to your website. My bet is no, you only take cheap shots but can’t take what you dish out.

  8. lapdm9238 says:

    Great cartoon.. After reading Extablisment’s comment I realize that he and those like him are members of the Prozac Generation and actually need to be in a safe place with padded walls or bars. A return to normalcy is much needed in this country.

  9. Allah says:

    Fuckin Ben is a patriot, if you don’t like it, fuck off to Saudi Arabia where they embrace tolerance.

    • BD says:

      I don’t think you have to be racist to be a patriot, though! I just wish Ben could see that.

      • GrrrGraphics says:

        Only racists see racism everywhere- race never entered my mind- satire cartoon on FL who is supported by taxpayer dollars and is public figure. Would have been funny no matter who was in White House.

  10. Dave says:

    One of the things that I find fascinating about people the anti-PC crowd is the constant reminder that the First Amendment allows us to say whatever we want to. While it is true the First gives you the freedom to say whatever you like, it does not give you freedom from responsibility for the things you say. If you say vile and hateful things, and get a vile and hateful response, why are you shocked? When you publish a cartoon depicting FLOTUS in such a negative light, you expect the backlash that it engenders, and you relish it. Then that will justify your further indulgence in enflaming more people. It does nothing to promote understanding, but you get to have your childish tantrums and in your own mind it is the other guy’s fault.

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      Not shocked at all- this was a test to expose the left’s double standards on women ie Sarah Palin, Condi Rice etc- It’s okay for them to be savagely attacked by liberal cartoonists because they are conservative women and “deserve it” My cartoon was not racist and those that think it is need to take a deep look at themselves and their focus on race- we are all human beings. FYI FL is not a queen, she is a public figure and can be critiqued.

      • BD says:

        Ben….can you give an example of a cartoon that was racist toward Condoleezza Rice that the left ignored? That would help me understand.

      • GrrrGraphics says:

        Thank you for being polite and responding in civil tones instead of engaging in emotional name calling. I appreciate that very much.

      • SJW says:

        “we are all human beings”, such a typical response from people that think the world should be “colorblind”. Acknowledging other races are treated differently than yours is the first step in not being an ignorant prick. You Trump supporters are so blinded by your own ignorance you can’t see how hateful you (and your candidate) are being. And in the same way you have freedom of speech to draw your cartoons, we “social justice warriors” have freedom of speech to criticize you. If you have to write a whole essay defending yourself every time you publish something controversial, maybe you shouldn’t be a cartoonist at all.

      • GrrrGraphics says:

        I usually write an essay for all my cartoons, but because of the outrage by SJWs and media attention I added an additional. You do have freedom to criticize me just as I have the right to criticize a Public Figure who lives off the taxpayer’s dine. I judge people by their actions. Race never entered my mind when I drew the FL- she is a strong, black woman and works out, liberals praise her for her “super ripped ” arms. I drew her that way, what’s the problem? Political cartoons mock public figures. Where were you when Condi Rice was attacked by white LIBERAL cartoonists in cartoons , one racist cartoon in particular by Ted Rall called her a “house N”… Trump supporters are not racist or ignorant, maybe look in the mirror before you comment. We are all Americans , so let’s work together and make this country great for everyone. Thanks for the comment!

  11. Don Satanica says:

    how come you get triggered when we call you zyklon ben?

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