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The Queen of Excuses

“The Queen of Excuses” Hillary Clinton is continuing her whine tour. She usually prefaces her complaints by first saying she takes full responsibility, but then she launches into her blame game—and she blames everyone but herself. She outspent Trump by … Continue reading

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The Presidential Grooming Parlor

Hillary Clinton stated “I take absolute responsibility” for her election loss. She promptly went on to blame James Comey, Russian ‘WikiLeak’ hackers and misogyny. Hillary expected to win automatically. After all, she outspent Trump two to one. Trump however, out-campaigned her by … Continue reading

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Vault 7

Wikileaks released ‘Vault 7,’ containing thousands of documents that detail the CIA’s spying and hacking activities, which may surpass even what Snowden revealed. Information is power, and we have allowed the CIA and the deep state to have way too … Continue reading

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Ben Garrison Cartoon “Drain the Swamp”

New Ben Garrison cartoon “Drain the Swamp” special appearances by John “My password is 1-2-3-4” Podesta, Bill “Rapist” Clinton, Paul “Side Saddle” Ryan, and Jeb “turtle” Bush. Thank you for the support! Four Ways to Support Ben Garrison Cartoons You … Continue reading

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