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Shariabucks Coffee

A meme box is circulating on the Internet. It features the face of Steve Jobs with the proclamation that he was the son of a Syrian refugee and therefore we should accept all Syrian refugees. The logic of the left … Continue reading

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New “If You Build it, They WON’T Come” T-shirt

If you don’t have borders,  you don’t have a country- plain and simple. A horrible lesson the people of Western Europe are learning .  You can support GrrrGraphics by purchasing a shirt at the TeeSpring Store! Thanks for your support! GrrrGraphics … Continue reading

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Of Like Minds

Of Like Minds Our president is a terrorist. At least, he seems to be allowing it into the country via the import of thousands of Syrian ‘refugees.’ Most of them are young men of military age. Many are radical muslims … Continue reading

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