The Talk on Campus


New Ben Garrison Cartoon for Stefan Molyneux- “The Talk on Campus”.





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3 Responses to The Talk on Campus

  1. Brian says:

    Ben, you seem the type to defend free speech. Right now free speech is being attacked by Israel. I implore you to fight for Palestinians’ right to speak.

    • The palestinian conflict is not that black and white. They put terrorists in power who use their own people as human sheilds while they attempt to achieve power. I feel for the people who dont want that over there. But they have to be helped in another way. We cannot afford not to try a bilateral solution, but the palestinians will stop at nothing until israel is completely destroyed. How do you make peace with people who want to kill you?

    • That said, its much easier for us to deal with what is going on here while they deal with their own problems over there. I’ll be the first to advocate for reduced foreign aid to the middle east, at least not without boots on the ground.

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