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Le Pen is Mightier than the Sword

  Kudos to France’s Marine Le Pen. She refused to don the veil—a headscarf—as a requirement to meet with a Muslim religious authority. I decided to draw a quick cartoon to commemorate her act, because all other female political figures usually … Continue reading

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John McCain, the Mad Bomber

It’s time for John McCain to retire. It’s long past due.  Forget what you read about McCain on Wikipedia and other state-sponsored sites. His history has been sanitized and covered up by the globalists. Here we have a man whose … Continue reading

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The Shadow Government

The Shadow has been forced into view. It’s not a pretty sight. President Trump has the wheel and the shadow government can’t stand it.The American people thought they had the say, but it was all an illusion. The Shadow has run … Continue reading

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California, The Cat Lady State

Aristotle recommended moderation, or the ‘golden mean.’ Virtue can be found as a reasoned, logical place between two extremes. For example, courage is virtuous, but when carried to an extreme it becomes destructive recklessness. A lack of courage brings about … Continue reading

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Winners Win- SuperBowl LI

New #BenGarrison Cartoon “Winners Win” Super Bowl LI, Congrats to Tom Brady and The Patriots Sign up for updates at the Newsletter and get exclusive content and special offers Four Ways to Support Ben Garrison Cartoons You can become … Continue reading

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Virtue Signaling, Berkeley Style

Students at Berkeley protested in the 1960s to help bring about freedom of political speech and activities at their university. They forced the administration to acknowledge that such speech should not end on campus.  Nowadays, students at Berkeley want to end free speech. … Continue reading

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Shariabucks Coffee

A meme box is circulating on the Internet. It features the face of Steve Jobs with the proclamation that he was the son of a Syrian refugee and therefore we should accept all Syrian refugees. The logic of the left … Continue reading

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