New Brooms Sweep Clean Ben Garrison Cartoon


President Trump needs to sweep away the corruption that has been allowed to build up for far too long. It won’t be an easy task, but Trump has a mandate. If the illegal votes cast for Hillary are taken away, then Trump would have also won the popular vote.

The status quo in both parties got way too comfortable in their globalist ivory towers. They expected Hillary vs. Jeb. Either winner would have continued Obama’s script. That is, the quest for globalism by means of false flags, fear and the confiscation of our remaining freedoms.

The elitists didn’t think they needed to listen to the working people, whose wages haven’t risen in decades. They took the people for granted and concentrated on their own echo chamber world. It’s an unaccountable world of big money and power. It’s a world of abject corruption. They consider themselves above the law and above morals. Many of them even practice satanism and run child sex rings.

The elite running the show never worried about losing. They owned the game and it was rigged in their favor. Their attitude was epitomized by Hillary’s smug and entitled face. She expected an easy coronation. All they had to do was get their mainstream media to spew the usual fake news, smears and mind control propaganda. The oligarchy thought they had it in the bag.

Instead, the citizens finally woke up to the scam. That’s why the globalist elite now want to shut down citizen muckrakers and whistleblowers on the Internet. They are demonizing alternative media. We need to brace ourselves for that.

Trump came along and swept away their grip on the presidency. He needs to keep on sweeping. —Ben Garrison

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10 Responses to New Brooms Sweep Clean Ben Garrison Cartoon

  1. mommylove7 says:

    Thanks for the #PizzaGate reference! #SaveTheChildren!!!

    • NoBS NoSpam says:

      @mommylove7, Hot damn, Podesta abusing a pizza no less. Sweet!
      @Ben and Tina Garrison, just found your beautiful space on the net. Thanks to Thank you!

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

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  3. Enrique Enríquez says:


  4. John Connor says:

    You forgot that the House and Senate passed the “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act”. Obama will sign it before Trump gets in office. This will end freedom of the press in the USA. Anything that isn’t communist or globaist propaganda, will be shut down and blacklisted as “fake news” and “russian propaganda”. All the Russian government seemed to care about was avoiding nuclear war. Even back when they were the USSR they were trying to avoid nuclear war. The US media, especially the New York Times, put Fidel Castro into power and he and his brother kept trying to get the USSR and the USA into nuclear war.

    The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” will end sites like Infowars, Drudge, Breitbart and possibly your blog. All CNN has to do is claim it’s “Russian propaganda” and the US government try to stop it.

    When Trump gets in, he won’t have the power to override it as it’s already law. So much for a Republican senate.

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  6. Joshua says:

    I don’t know if it’s good that Trump has all this power. We’ve seen time and time again, absolute power corrupts absolutely

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      Did you worry about that when President Phone and Pen was “ruling” for 8 years? Trump respects the Constitution- Obama does not.

      • Joshua says:

        Obama at least had checks and balances with a Republican majority of Congress and Supreme Court. Sure, Trump has said a lot of great things, but with congress on his side he has absolute power, and as I’ve said earlier, absolute power corrupts absolutely, no matter how good of a person you are.

      • Joshua says:

        Also, just to be clear, I’m not defending Obama.

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