Talking Trash with CNN


CNN has lost its collectivist mind. I still tune in on occasion to hear what the Hillary/Soros globalist station is saying. It’s always the same. They beat their anti-Trump drums loudly while sanctimoniously proclaiming in various semantic forms that Trump is a ‘racist.’ Or they’ll say his supporters are racist. Or they’ll accuse him of appointing racists to his cabinet.

It’s almost become a nervous tick with them. It’s a form of insanity. CNN, you need a straitjacket so you won’t hurt yourself.

You can no longer hurt the minds of viewers. People are onto your garbage. They’re laughing at you. You’re just another part of the lying and pathetic legacy media. You’re no longer mainstream. You’ve completely destroyed your credibility. If you ever had it.

You put all your eggs in one Hillary basket and the eggs and Hillary were crushed. All you can do now is continue to spew your repulsive garbage to the few viewers you have left.

Ben Garrison



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