It’s Your Choice, America Election 2016


Donald Trump is a builder. He makes progress. He accomplishes positive things. He wants to bring good into the world. He took a million and a half dollar inheritance and turned it into many billions. Now he wants to do the same for America.

Is he a perfect human being? Of course not. But there’s something to be said for a man who just spent over a year of his life doing something for his country when he could have retired in comfort.

As for Hillary, she’s a scandal-ridden criminal. She should be in prison. Right now. Instead, she has a chance of becoming president. This must not happen. She puts herself and her cronies first.

Do the right thing, America. Vote for someone who places America first. Vote for Trump.

–Ben Garrison

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6 Responses to It’s Your Choice, America Election 2016

  1. intheflow88 says:

    What is MAGA?

    “Whenever love is poured into your heart or sent out as a blessing to others, the light of all things awakens.” -Matt Kahn

  2. kerberos616 says:

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

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  4. Dream Team says:

    Great work dear Garrison family…. for rallying a YUGE victory. Its historic ….. a moment of mercy that can reverse the acrid socialism eating our nation.

  5. Sophia Harment says:

    I can’t help but wonder … do you even know what the ‘rule of law’ is? As the candidate you so happily supported doesn’t seem to have a clue. I’m all for having your right to vote for who you want, and we’re all stuck with him now, but still. Don’t make up facts. He’s never been the ‘rule of law’ route. Especially as Donald seems to think he has special exemptions from it. Everyone is fair and equal under the law.

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      Yes- everyone is supposed to be “Fair and equal” under the law- something we have not had with the Obama administration for 8 years. Will be a nice change to have a President who will follow the constitution for once.

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