The First Debate, Trump vs. Hillary and Hillary


The First Debate

I always have a hard time watching Hillary Clinton because she makes me too angry. We shouldn’t even have to be suffering her presence after all her scandals and criminality. But there she is—serenely expecting to be our next president. Obviously she was well-rehearsed and had some zingers ready. She was in attack mode for most of the debate and that put Trump on the defensive. He should have laughed off a lot of the nonsense and concentrated on the big picture: Hillary’s massive corruption and criminal deeds such as pay for play.

To make matters worse, the moderator was pro-Hillary. (Of course!) He aggressively attacked and questioned Trump, while letting Clinton off the hook. She stood with robotic calmness and without any hint of health problems. She’s learned to look placid and presidential. Hence her half-shut eyes, which she probably thinks makes her look more confident and qualified. To me, it makes her look contemptuous of us all. Under her phony, calm exterior lurks an angry control freak who once broke a White House antique by throwing it at her husband.

The long-expired birther debate was dwelled upon while the criminal operation known as the Clinton Foundation was barely mentioned. The birth certificate is a proven fraud, but somehow facts are racist and anyone even talking about it is a horrible person. Because Hillary said so. Trump could easily have waved off such sidetracking. Obama’s term is nearly done and he’ll get away with his lies. Hillary actually said the ‘birther’ controversy ‘hurt Obama’s feelings.’ That’s racist! Classic SJW stuff.

It was the epitome of absurdity when Hillary mechanically described the importance of cyber security. Trump had an opening there, for sure. He could have mentioned how she illegally hammered evidence out of her Blackberry phones, as well as bleaching her illegal server.

Hillary attacked ‘those at the top,’ but that’s what SHE is. She’s in the pocket of the globalist bankers. The Rothschilds tossed a $100,000 per head dinner for her. Goldman Sachs paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars for a secret speech. I doubt she made any speech at all. She will do the bidding of her masters—all else is prevarication to get herself elected. She says stuff voters like to hear, but once she’s president she will line her pockets as she strips away more liberty from Americans.

I expect Trump to do better during the next debate. He needs to stop being defensive and go on the attack more persistently. —Ben Garrison

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4 Responses to The First Debate, Trump vs. Hillary and Hillary

  1. kerberos616 says:

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  2. Juraj says:

    The questions were garbage and often trivial, but Trump should have performed better. I was waiting for a smackdown of Hillary; instead it was more of a draw. So the race is mostly unaffected and Trump’s slight edge in momentum will probably continue.

    Usually people stop caring after the first debate. However, given the intense interest in this years race, Trump will have a chance to redeem himself in a couple weeks.

  3. John Connor says:

    That moderator, Lester Holt, when I first saw him he looked like some white guy on Saturday Night Live in black face and a fake balding-wig they wear pretending to be black. That’s basically what the guy looks like–a white guy in black face, fake balding-wig, and then hipster glasses. I searched him on Google images and back in the 1980s, he actually looked his natural way. But now he looks so fake. The mainstream media is always attacking white people and defending nonwhites (Lester is mixed) but then they make blacks and others completely change their appearance to appear European. It’s sickening. They should let him look natural.

    You say you can’t stand Hillary. Funny I hear Hillary supports say they can’t stand Trump. These same supporters though totally believe the mainstream media. You know the mainstream media put out a special movie on ABC specifically to claim Hillary was innocent of Benghazi. I’ve talked to such people and they actually believe in Charleston, North Carolina that a white cop shot a black man. All of the mainstream media is claiming it now, not just Fox News. Hillary generally appears friendly. Trump in the debate mentioned backstage she flipped out and got angry at somebody. So Hillary’s very good at acting.

    Trump always makes faces to respond to people. It’s more entertaining, but it also means I can’t listen to the debate while doing something else. Trump seemed to interrupt Hillary too much and she rarely interrupted him. He should’ve only interrupted her when she spoke lies about him. The mainstream media lies so much they claim Trump said the exact opposite of what he did like supporting Iraq.

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