The Crooked House of Clinton


This is a complicated cartoon, but the Clinton’s faults are myriad. Do we really want Hillary back in the White House?

She’s dangerously unqualified by both intellect, judgment and temperament. She does the bidding of those who contribute millions to the Clinton Foundation. The Saudis are one of her big backers. No wonder she wants war with their arch-enemy, Iran. I have no problem with a woman president. It just shouldn’t be her.

It’s time to bring down the crooked House of Clinton.



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2 Responses to The Crooked House of Clinton

  1. Never Hillary Clinton says:

    Absolutely correct. This political cartoon says everything you need to know about Clinton. She has a long line of scandals, murders, suicides, rapes, etc, in her wake. She hates women, she hates the LGBT community, she hates the American way of life, she hates children, she is an evil woman playing in the hand of the Islamic tyranny. She is the Saudi Arabian toy, she is a tool for the bankers and corrupt politicians, and she is a killer. While all of these things are bad, the worst part is her absolute hatred of America, yet because of the fact that she is a woman, the politically correct, white straight cis-male hating population, is eating her shit and voting for her, even though Trump, Gary Johnson (the third-party candidate) and Sanders would ALL make for much better presidents.
    The fact, however, is that the system is rigged. The monetary system, the government system, the voting system, all of it. It is all run by the bankers and corrupt politicians, and the corrupt love Hillary as they know she will cover their asses.

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