Obama’s Leftist Lens, New Cartoon


My new cartoon has leaked a little early, a few fans got a little over excited about this cartoon and posted it on the /r/ The_Donald..that’s okay, it is very timely.

Here is the new Ben Garrison Cartoon “Obama’s Leftist lens”

Obama doesn’t want to say ‘Islamic Terrorism.’  It’s obvious he doesn’t want to condemn Islam in any form. He’d much rather attack the 2nd Amendment and ‘bitter clingers.’ He wants to round up the guns while at the same time, more guns have been sold to Muslims in the middle east than ever before under his administration. Hillary murdered Gaddafi and made sure ISIS got guns. That happened under Obama’s watch.

The liberal lens wants to make sure the focus and blame always goes to conservatives, whom they call names such as ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’—especially conservative Christian gun owners. Obama uses the lens to help him to avoid looking at a harsh reality—Islamic terrorists DO exist. They are created in part due to senseless war in the middle east perpetuated by Obama and his masters.

Many Muslims want Sharia Law—not our Constitution. Yet Obama wants to import millions more. If we object, we are called ‘racist.’ Islam is not a race.

Americans are fed up with excuses, obfuscation and lies told by leaders who refuse to connect with reality. Americans are sick and tired of being called ‘racist’ or other names simply because we don’t want to import millions of people who don’t assimilate well into western culture.

It’s time to put down the leftist lens when viewing reality.

Ben Garrison

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5 Responses to Obama’s Leftist Lens, New Cartoon

  1. pithom says:

    Thank you, Ben Garrison! I find the NYT commenters just as infuriating as you do!

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  3. Dream Team says:

    Good one. He is called a “brother” over here in the Mid East- when is he gonna be a brother to Americans? He is truly one of the most selfish leaders EVER seen since 1776- loves his theories, and philosophy- preaches tolerance, while he practices hatred towards anyone different than him. And ONLY helps people like himself. Not content in leveling the middle class, he has effectively gutted just about anything wholesome in America. He has enforced his maxim “You did not build it….and I sure as hell am gonna make SURE you don’t build anything good or worthy under my Stalinist gaze.” Hence ISIS and what other holes will he shoot into naive (good) America in the coming months? This image provokes lots of facts- meanwhile you and MANY other good folks buck the system conformity, serving others with dignity and fact. Thanks for bucking the nasty control freakish push from their side – its been getting bad lately.

  4. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.

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