Attack of the Cry Bullies- New Ben Garrison Cartoon


I like the fact that college students are angry enough to revolt against the massive debt being piled on their backs just because they want to get a college degree and a good job. They should be protesting because the expenses involved have gotten ridiculous. Then, if they do graduate, a great many of them can’t find employment. Too many are forced to remain living with their parents without a chance at the American Dream, which has now become just that—a dream.

 Unfortunately, too many of these young people are also upset about ridiculous things. They are part of a hypersensitive, hyper-politically correct group known as ‘Social Justice Warriors.’

 A few years ago when I first heard the term ‘Social Justice Warrior,’ I wasn’t sure what it meant. I thought SJWs were doing some kind of noble, laudable work. I pictured them as volunteers at food banks. Maybe they were trying to help senior citizens get the prescription medicine they couldn’t afford. I pictured them trying to help the downtrodden in society. Instead, SJWs epitomize political correctness gone amuck. They are incredibly thin-skinned. They browbeat and scold others into giving up freedom of speech or expression. Want to wear a Halloween costume? You’d better check with the campus commissar of political correctness first. (Yes, the protesters want some sort of official on campus who will determine what can and cannot be said or done). Don’t want to date a tranny? What a hateful person you are!Now we hear terms such as ‘micro-agression’ which can mean a tone of voice or expression that might cause slight discomfort to the recipient. Micro-transgressors are vilified, shamed and screamed at. Slights don’t even have to be real—they only need be imagined. Political correctness has now become a form of mass insanity. Do you still say ‘Merry Christmas?’ Watch out! Did you accidentally call a man from China a ‘Chinaman?’ OMG—look out for the pearl clutchers—you’re a horrible human being who needs to be shunned! It doesnt’ matter if the man from China was offended or not. He probably wasn’t. After all, he’s a man and he came from China.

What matters is YOU said the WRONG thing. During the Spanish Inquisition, people who said wrong things were labeled ‘heretics.’ A heretic was seen as someone who was contaminated with erroneous thinking. A heretic was going to go Hell. A heretic could be tortured because such a person had lost a connection with the omniscient church. Now that word is ‘racist.’ A racist can be scolded, driven out of jobs or forced to make a blubbering apology because they are no longer seen as connected with humanity. It doesn’t matter if the person is actually racist or not…all that needs to happen is for a SJW to perceive or imagine such a heinous transgression. It’s not only insanity, it can be amusing at times. The liberal scolds are now themselves being scolded by the generation they mollycoddled.

Please, SJWs, if you really want to do something useful, hold a mass protest calling for the end of the Federal Reserve. You’d be doing all races a favor. It’s also time to END the tyranny of ‘political correctness.’

Special thanks to John M., whose ideas helped in the creation of this cartoon.

—Ben Garrison

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14 Responses to Attack of the Cry Bullies- New Ben Garrison Cartoon

  1. Nice work Ben, keep it up.

  2. anon says:


  3. Jager says:

    I love it. Reminds me of the scathing cartoons I used to see in Mad Magazine way back when.

  4. Julia Morgan says:

    Great work, sums it all up.

  5. I’ve used the Internet for around 20 years now. In that time, I’ve used chat rooms, message boards, Usenet, IM and talked to people on gaming networks such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network. I’ve used all manor of tech such as WebTV, laptops, PC and a Dreamcast to go online.

    In that time I’ve encountered some terrible people. Trolls, assholes, racists, you name it. But, in that time, I’ve NEVER, EVER come across any other group of people even half as awful and hateful as “social justice warriors.” These people are actual, real, cartoon villains and they don’t even seem to realize it.

  6. David Lacey says:

    In the UK, we have a term for said pc retards. They are collectively known as Cockwombles. Time they grew a pair!

  7. “They should be protesting because the expenses involved have gotten ridiculous.”

    Maybe so: But most of them are clearly incapable of doing any serious scholarship anyway. In fact I suspect the real reason they spend so much time in damsel mode, looking for reasons to play the victim, is rooted in their own insecurities and neurosis; their own subconscious knowledge that they have nothing of value to offer academic life except a lot of self-obsessed naval-gazing.

    “Then, if they do graduate, a great many of them can’t find employment.”

    One reason for that is that most of them are doing recently manufactured fluffy disciplines that amount to little more than indoctrination into the dogmas of the latest politically correct fad. Employers are wisely avoiding graduates of these courses like the plague. All you have to do is look at the protests at Amhurst to see why. How many of these students are doing Medicine or Engineering, and how many are doing sociology or gender-studies? That’s the real question.

    They could have gone to a technical school and actually learned a real skill instead. But that would involve hard-work, not just indulging in a lot of sanctimonious attention seeking. As someone who works in academia myself, albeit in Europe not the USA, I see the same problem here. Probably half of all the courses at my college are completely useless. We call them the fluff degrees, and the students who take them, by and large, are just using them to postpone growing up for few years. Let’s face it; when you can do a degree in Angel Studies you know you’ve got a problem in the education system.

    These people may be upset that they will not be able to pursue the “American Dream” but it is the mindset perpetrated by people like these, that played a large part in turning that dream into a nightmare. These clowns dirtied their own beds and now they are whining because they have to lie in them.

    The first thing colleges need to do though is take back education for those who actually want a real education. Anyone who tries to ban a speaker or shut down a debate: anybody who joins in this war on free speech on campus should be expelled immediately. Those people have no understanding either of human rights or of education and they have no place in a place of higher learning.

    Education is about learning. It is not about how you feel about every little thing. Students are supposed to be adults. Your feelings are no concern of anyone else but you. Do not wave your feelings in other people’s faces as if others have some kind of obligation to care about them. That is the behavior of a petulant child.

    Oh My Sorry for the rant:-)

  8. DX says:

    This should be put up everywhere at every college campus in the usa and canada

  9. I hate them already!

  10. asdasd says:

    Nice one, Ben. Long overdue.

  11. Qesher says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I am SO butthurt! I want my bottle. The plastic one with the rubber nipple. (I gave up the “bottle” in college and in the worklace—too busy making a living).

  12. JohnSmith says:

    Well said

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