New Cartoon “Bad Medicine”


Maybe we should ban dangerous pills—not guns..If you do an Internet search, you’ll see plenty of evidence that many of the mass shootings in schools and elsewhere involve perpetrators who were on mood-altering pharmaceuticals.

Even Joshua Goldberg, a recently arrested troll, was taking medication for depression.  His lawyer will no doubt plead mental incompetence with evidence of his pill-taking.

Instead of blaming big Pharma as a factor mass murder, Obama blames the guns. He wants them banned. Some of the incidences may be false flags to achieve this. The murders are real, but incidences are set up by government stooges. However, there’s one thing you will never see: A sign on the White House lawn that says, ‘GUN FREE ZONE.” Hmmm….that might make a good cartoon!

Special thanks to our Patreon member, John M., for this idea. —Ben Garrison

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  1. dinkypoo says:

    You sure have some weird ideas. Do you suffer from paranoia?

  2. wasn’t Obama Care suppose to fix those pesky loopholes that provide mental health eval’s and treatment for those needing it most ?? Mo’ $$$$ for Big Pharma and the Insurance companies

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