Trump the Dragon Slayer


Trump the dragon slayer

One of the reasons for Donald Trump’s popularity is he speaks from the heart and not a teleprompter. He doesn’t need a script and he’s not afraid to speak bluntly. Most of all, he’s not afraid of ‘political correctness.’ He’s not afraid to say “Merry Christmas” or call illegal immigration ‘illegal.’ He’s for respecting our laws, which includes closing down the currently wide open borders. For that he’s called a nut and a racist and a hater and all sorts of things. He doesn’t care.

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For too long we’ve been subjected to cynical, pre-packaged political robots who are installed to further the agenda of globalists at the top. They buy out and own the politicians. Well, Trump can’t be bought out. He’s already rich. Lobbyists will not be able to control him. Personal scandals? He’s fearless. His life is already an open book. We know about his marriages and affairs and it doesn’t matter. Because instead of walking delicately on politically correct eggshells, he fearlessly stomps his feet and says “Enough!” He wants to stop exporting jobs overseas. He wants to stop making crappy deals such as the one Obama and Kerry just made with Iran—a deal that didn’t even return American captives. A deal that allows Iran to do their own inspecting. Deals where we give our leverage away for nothing while giving billions back to a country bent on hating America and destroying Israel. I doubt Trump would have made that deal.

Trump is used to dealing and getting things done. Telling blunt truths is apparently is not politically correct in either party, but so be it. Many Americans find Trump’s approach to be very refreshing—including me!

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11 Responses to Trump the Dragon Slayer

  1. Turn_Coat says:


  2. Anon says:

    Thank God! This has gone on to long!

  3. Jen says:

    Trump isn’t a perfect candidate, but who is? If Rand had a certain amount of support, they would just prevent him from being elected like Ron Paul. So Trump is our least of evils, most electable choice at this point. None of the candidates will fix America’s problems, and Trump could certainly make things worse. But at least we can ride his wave of defending “politically incorrect” free speech and other things that he’s doing/saying right now.

    Excellent graphic, Mr. Garrison!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad that Ben agrees with securing our borders!

  5. Wyatt says:

    This is your best cartoon yet, Ben!

  6. Chaim Goldstein says:

    Thanks Ben for finally coming around to our side, and help us get these spics out.

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      America needs a secure border, no borders equals no country. I am not against immigration, just illegal immigration which is like someone cutting in front of you as you are waiting in line for a burger…totally unfair to everyone that has followed the laws to enter the US legally. Don’t troll so hard next time, it’s embarrassing. 😉

  7. Andrew says:

    Trump has finally shifted the Overton window back to the right, and its gaining momentum as the rest of the field desperately tries to play catch up. I think Carson is his perfect running mate, as he isn’t afraid to call out degeneracy when he sees it, and is proud to be a Christian. The prospect of Trump in a debate with either Shillary or Bernie is too juicy; Shillary’s house of cards will implode on her, and Bernie is straight up spineless.

  8. Trump/Garrison 2016 says:

    The only way to make America great again.

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