Get off the Stage Fox News


Fox News attack dog Megan Kelly

Fox News attack dog Megyn Kelly

First of all: I’m not necessarily endorsing Trump. It’s just that the more he’s attacked by the neocon conservatives who run the Republican party, the more I want to root for him. Last night was example. All the other candidates fielded standard ‘presidential’ questions while Trump was mercilessly attacked—especially from Megyn Kelly. It was painfully obvious what she was doing—she had her marching orders from the neocons to make Trump look bad. Instead Fox News looked bad. More credibility lost from the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, “La Raza” praised Bush’s performance. “The Race” of course, wants to erase the borders and create ‘Aztlan,’ and Jeb Bush is willing to accommodate them. After all, it’s part of his daddy’s ‘New World Order.’ The elite want a North American Union. Trump doesn’t want that and so he is attacked as being ‘racist.’ Poppycock. Again, it makes me like Trump because he’s had enough of political correctness. It’s not ‘racist’ to want the borders to be controlled for one’s own country. We see what happens when all sorts of unsavory criminals are dumped by Mexico into the U.S. Terrible crimes are committed and they get away with those crimes due to our ‘sanctuary cities.’
Let’s see what happens when the neocons begin stealing the primaries from Trump. I have a feeling Trump won’t be as quiescent about that as Ron Paul was.

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10 Responses to Get off the Stage Fox News

  1. TrenchGun says:

    Great art as always Ben! Are you leaning towards any candidate at the moment.

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      Just watching for now, but the more the neo cons attack Trump the more I like him. I’m still luke-warm toward Rand, doesn’t seem to have the fire his dad did. Still real early though, we just have to see what unfolds…

  2. patrioticallymoved says:

    My opinion seems to be exactly the same as yours. I do not endorse any candidate yet either. But last night was no obvious it was ridiculous. I do have to say though, that I do remember some very good talking points from Trump in a speech he made previously. I guess maybe if he had actually had a “real” chance, he might have been able to bring some of them out last night lol. Great article!

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      I have read a couple of his books, the most recent “Think Big and Kick Ass”, (typical Trump) he is following his game plan to succeed that he outlined in the book…it is uncanny. Never back down, get even if someone attacks you, stay positive…etc. Pretty cool.

  3. ayatayatadit says:

    Have you heard the term “cuckservative” Ben?

  4. cantbarragethefarage says:

    great cartoon, what is your opinion on nigel farage

  5. Jared says:

    With you on this one Mr. Garrison. As much as I like Rand, I don’t want another game like 2012 campaigning hard for Ron Paul when the powers-that-be weren’t going to let him win. Although Trump’s not perfect, as they say: “beggars can’t be choosers”. I’ll take Trump over others. Only fear is that he is trying to get the nomination to throw the race so Hillary wins, or gain support for a third party run to fragment the GOP vote for a Hillary win.

  6. Adolf Hitler says:

    Keep up the great work, Ben “Zyklon B” Garrison. Do you still visit us at 8/pol/?

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      Let’s not mess around, we both know you’re not “A. Hitler” and I’m not “Zyklon B”, lose the obvious trolling and I may make another visit to full chan.

  7. SwagMaster says:

    What do you think about Huckabee ? It seems he was dealt odd questions as well, nevermind the twittter storm of “progressives” he had. His Border policy and Medical plan seem solid as well.

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