“Know Your Meme” interview with Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison

I had a great time doing a Q&A with Don of “Know Your Meme”.  The interview was professional and fair and clearly tells my story of unwanted fame on the internet.  You can read the whole interview here at “Know Your Meme”  Thanks to Don and the rest of the staff!!

Know you Meme

Know Your Meme Interview with Ben Garrison

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1 Response to “Know Your Meme” interview with Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi “Libertarian Ben,” regarding Andrew Anglin, it appears as if though he has a beef with Tumblr feminism, and I guess that might have driven him into becoming a “fake White Nationalist.” It’s funny if you consider the fact that that dailystormer.com and totalfascism.com, his two sites, started in mid-2013 and late 2012 respectively, and they both attack feminism on a regular basis; check out the Internet Archive (https://web.archive.org/web/*/dailystormer.com and https://web.archive.org/web/*/totalfascism.com). This more or less coincides with the time periods that Tumblr has been turning into an SJW/feminist stronghold. My theory is that he had a big thing for girls with sidecuts/undercuts, a thing on Tumblr since 2011 and the fetish/goth/punk community for even longer, and the fact that it has become associated with feminists and lesbians shortly thereafter has become a source of sexual frustration for him. Just check out this page of the 8Chan archive, http://8archive.moe/b/thread/2582795/ , and scroll to the bottom – guy forgot to take out his Name in the “Name” field, perhaps after posting on /pol/, and has blown his cover. It’s also not uncommon to find a guy on the chans that posts pics anonymously of sidecut/undercut hairstyles on cute girls while complaining about how hipsters and Tumblrinas ruined his fetish – Andrew more than likely. The thread is on sexual fetishes and there appears to be one or two NSFW images there. If this has anything to do with him, then it’s a smoking gun in unraveling his agenda. Andrew is scum, make no mistake about it; even folks in the White Nationalist community are sick of his BS. You are definitely right to call him out as a “fake-nazi.” I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one that’s been defacing your cartoons all along; he seems to enjoy calling you “Zyklon Ben” on his site from time-to-time. He is definitely a sick troll attempting to use a contrived political agenda to cover his tracks as you have suggested on that one thread on 8 /pol/ several weeks prior. Good luck to you.

    P.S. Keep up the good work “Libertarian Ben.” I have shown your cartoons to my colleagues, family, and girlfriend, and they love your work and agree heavily with it. They are absolutely appalled by the fact that someone would dare deface it.

    P.P.S How’s it up there in Montana? Ever do any fishing for trophy-sized trout?

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