Pepe goes to Montana

Pepe goes to Montana

Pepe goes to Montana

I got a lot of requests for Pepe, so here is the Ben Garrison version of a favorite meme.

I’ve also learned a great deal about memes and I have a chapter on memes in my book. One featured is the ‘Pepe the Frog’ which perhaps has the largest variety of variation. It remains very popular and it shows no sign of having run its course.

 I drew him as a self portrait!

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14 Responses to Pepe goes to Montana

  1. aerdeap says:

    I T ‘ S H A P P E N I N G

  2. DogeGoy says:


  3. James Russel says:


  4. v2crisis says:

    Requesting suggesting Ron Paul “It’s Happening!” cartoon. Maybe with Rand. And/or Doom Paul

  5. Pike says:

    Myself and others would be very interested in buying any further works like these in the form of posters, mousepads, pins, etc. (signed, of course). Please consider it!

    • GrrrGraphics says:

      Yeah, I suppose t-shirts are not something you guys would wear, let me think more about it then. What If I do an original artwork and sign it, put in on some kind of online auction thing. Just thinking out loud here. Thanks for the suggestions…hey, you all told me to embrace my internet fame. Haha, better then getting all angry about it, also seeing there are great anons out there

      Ben Garrison

      • Ebola-chan says:

        You could set up an account at Patreon. It’s a crowd funding platform made particularly for fans funding artists and content creators. It’s different from other crowdfunding platforms like gofundme because donations are recurring monthly and not just a one time lump sum. So someone that donates $5 to you will usually be donating $5 every month, so $5 for the first month, $5 for the second month, $5 for the third month and so on until they decide to stop funding you for some reason. You can make a Patreon account specifically for people to help fund you to continue creating cartoons and painting or any other art you want too create. You can offer rewards, merchandise and such for donations of certain amounts. For example for a $5 donation you could send the person that donated a signed picture or something.

        Selling merchandise like mugs, shirts, pens, mousepads and all that isn’t very profitable. Patreon is your best bet. If you make a Patreon account and post it on your blog and website people on /pol/ will probably shill it for you on the board.

      • GrrrGraphics says:

        Hey, i will check that out, I am just going to put a few things on zazzle until I get the account set up. I know I won’t make any money on zazzle, just did it for people to be able to get a mug or whatever. That’s a really good idea, I had never heard of that site before. Thanks for the advice!

      • Large_Gentleman4U says:

        I’m glad you’re embracing your fame, Ben “Monster of Montana” Garrison!

      • GrrrGraphics says:

        I prefer Ben ” Master of my own Meme” Garrison LOL

  6. pistachio says:

    This is fantastic. I would love to buy a mug with this on it.
    Also, I’d love a Hotwheels mug. Especially if, in addition to your commission (which you should not decrease) you could offer something that costs more for those of us who wish to compensate Mr. Brennan for his likeness being used.
    I really hope this happens. Please offer both designs in your shop.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d definitely be down with a Patreon for you Ben. Just let us know when you get it set up so I can pass you 5~10 bucks each month for quality artwork!

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