Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison E-book coming soon


Ben Garrison Rogue Cartoonist

Ben Garrison Rogue Cartoonist

I want to thank everyone who has purchased my book. Yes, I know it’s expensive because it’s a color book and ‘on demand.’ I wanted to charge just under $20 for it, but the publisher nixed that idea. However, I DO plan on releasing the ebook version soon.The ebook will be MUCH more affordable and I’ll also fix a few errors in the book as well as be adding more content back in. (I had to keep the printed version page count down to save money). Additionally, I want to thank all those people from 8chan who offered me encouragement instead of belittlement. It also helped reinforce my realization that my angry approach to the ‘trolling’ thing in the past was wrong. In fact, I was naive about Internet trolls when I was first attacked and I reacted with rage instead of reason. That won’t happen any more and besides, I consider my book to be a milestone on the subject. I’ll still work to remove impersonation pages on FB and elsewhere, but for the most part it’s time for me to move on–I have too many things I want to accomplish in life and dealing with trolling is too much of an energy drain. Maybe I’ll stop by 8chan again some time . –Ben Garrison

P.S. thanks, Tina for all of your help!

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