Don’t let yourself get fooled by internet trolls


Friendly Reminder, don’t believe the lies told by booger eating trolls…If you see a Ben Garrison cartoon that is altered into racist or anti-semitic images it is a troll cartoon. You can see all our REAL original cartoons at or on our imgur account The REAL GrrrGraphics.

You can find our twitter account here GrrrGraphics on Twitter

Our official Facebook pages are GrrrGraphics and Ben Garrison Cartoons (the Back up page)

You can find us on Tumblr here GrrrGraphics on Tumblr

The real Ben Garrison blog interview by James Tracy is here...don’t believe chopped up edits taken out of context made by trolls

Any other site claiming to the official Ben Garrison cartoons site is a troll hoax site designed to libel and defame Ben Garrison’s good name

Don’t believe everything you read on questionable sites like 4chan / 8chan/ reddit or any of the racist  nazi sites, they are spreaders of BS and disinformation. Know the truth and do not believe the lies

You can help us fight the trolls by sending a donation to our gofundme account  at HelpBenGarrison #BucksforBen

Thanks to all of our supporters in the Liberty Community!




About GrrrGraphics

We as private citizens need to reclaim and fight for our rights as enumerated in our Constitution. It's time to speak out and express our outrage at the growing tyranny of Big Government. That's why we created GrrrGraphics! You can find us on the web at Copyright Notice © 2010-2014 Ben Garrison/ All cartoons, illustrations, graphics, and artwork on this site are the exclusive copyrighted works of Ben Garrison. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any unlawful redistribution or reproduction or altered/changed artworks with prior express written authorization of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited. If you download or alter Ben Garrison artwork/photos please consider the risk of costly litigation and attorney’s fees, If you suspect someone is making altered Ben Garrison Cartoons or copying/altering stolen photos, please contact the artist immediately.
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