Trolls are against Freedom of Speech and debate


A message from Ben….

Internet trolls continue to disseminate their meme that I’m against free speech. Ridiculous. I’m for freedom of speech. Hate speech is not free speech when it is LIBEL and infringes on copyrights. That’s against the law. Trolls do not own Facebook and they should not be using it as a megaphone to cry for the murder of human beings. That’s what they’re doing in direct violation of stated community standards. Apparently some trolls are too stupid to understand this, but hate does tend to appeal to stupid minds.

Those same trolls ARE free to set up their own sites and pay for it themselves.  It’s the hater’s nickel, so they are free to spew all the hate they like and we’re free to ignore them. The problem is, many of the haters aren’t satisfied with their own dreadful hole in the wall sites. Few people want to visit their ugly, boring hate hives. I say boring because they post the same predictable hate day in and day out. It’s not only deplorable, it’s dull.

They want to get noticed and make hate go mainstream. They want hate to go ‘viral.’ That makes them feel trumped-up and important instead of the nobodies they really are. If they can convince young minds through repetitious hate that it’s somehow acceptable to murder groups of people because they’re not really human (Hitler did this with the Jews), then we’ve got big trouble.

Speak out against hate on social media. Hate is censorious speech. Hate is tolerated as the price of free speech, but hate speech should not be endorsed. The haters’ goal is to drown out reasoned debate on serious problems. In my case, their constant hate speech and libel has muddied the waters and compromised my ability to communicate. The trolls continuously forge my signature, deface my work and libel my name. The trolls are against MY free speech. Hate is against free speech.


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