“Molon Labe” our new cartoon

Come and take it

Come and take it

This is a sample cartoon that will appear in our GrrrGraphics book that we hope to release early next year. There has been a bit of a delay for legal reasons.

This cartoon speaks for itself. As government entities become more corrupt, they will attempt to take away more of our money and liberties. The IRS attacks the establishment’s political enemies and when caught they destroy evidence. Nothing is done about it. Corrupt revenue generators, er, police, ignore the 4th Amendment and confiscate any cash found on citizens. People are tased or beaten if they object. Little if anything is done about it. The NSA records everything we do and nothing is done to stop them. The TSA gropes grandmas and little kids and nothing is done about it. Obama thinks he can enforce the UN gun ban treaty by presidential decree–the Senate be damned. And yet he’s not impeached.

Once they get our guns, their domination will be complete. They must not get the guns.

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