Master Blaster



It is now out in the open. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. Obama and his administration support al Qaeda and its equivalent in Syria. Obama continues to start wars for the benefit of the global bankers. Bush and Cheney lied about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ as an excuse to invade Iraq. Obama ran the same game plan against Libya, and Syria is next.

The plutocrats want endless war to feed their military/industrial/banking complex and Obama makes sure they get fed. Countries that do not participate in the global debt money system get targeted. JFK did not want war in Vietnam and he wanted to end the Federal Reserve. He was assassinated as a result. Saddam did not want to sell his oil based on the the debt dollar. His country was invaded and he was killed. Gaddafi wanted a separate African banking system based on gold. He was country was invaded and he was killed. The globalist’s ultimate target: Stubborn Iran.

Meanwhile, Americans get fried and groped at airports to protect them from al Qaeda. The government sent arms to drug gangs in Mexico while at the same time they want guns confiscated from Americans. Americans are now spied on with impunity. The Constitution is ignored–‘for our safety.’

So there it is. Obama should be impeached, but instead he continues his power grab. He’s a liar and a fraud, but he won’t be impeached as long as the plutocrats want him there. He’s the little ‘Master’ sitting atop of a gargantuan ‘Blaster’ with multifarious acronyms. Americans are becoming prisoners of a system set in place by money whores–the tyrannical global banks. How to stop them? Peaceful non-compliance and protest. Ridicule them. Don’t participate. Don’t enter their big government ‘Thunder Dome’. –Ben Garrison

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