The Inverted Horn of Plenty



Being a small businessman, I’ve paid a lot of taxes over the years. The harder I’ve worked, the more big government has taken. Now the middle class must pay still more taxes even after Obama promised they wouldn’t. To be sure, there will always be more spending and more money for the military-industrial complex and the elite global banks even if it comes at the expense of average Americans. The elite banks and corporations will get the usual tax credits and dodges thanks to their wholly-owned subsidiaries, the bought-out politicians.

It’s a completely useless system, too…especially when considering the debt is now nearly 16.5 trillion dollars. It’s impossible to pay that back unless the printing press is turned up to turbo speed. In fact, a printing press really isn’t even necessary. Nowadays a few electronic switches are flipped and Bernanke pays off fellow mob members to keep them afloat. They get fabulously richer while the poor and middle class are broken.

The answer is to revolt and simply stop paying such an unfair, unjust and even unconstitutional income tax, right? Wrong. If you don’t pay, you risk armed functionaries in costumes showing up at your door. The government uses force. They have guns. They want to confiscate your guns so you will provide no resistance. That would make it easier for them to cart you off to a corporate-run prison where more injustice awaits. It’s a sick system and getting sicker.

What about social security? Most who are paying this tax today will never get it back. At least not in commensurate dollars. If it will be paid back at all, it will be paid in inflated dollars. The government currently makes sure inflation numbers are consistently skewed down so they don’t have to pay retirees a fair benefit.

The system is an inverted horn of plenty. Plenty of money is constantly shoveled in for politicians. They can never get enough. Not only will they never reign in their spending, they will continue to vote themselves raises, huge pay packages, benefits and pensions for life–far in excess of anything the average Joe will ever get. In essence, those who run the government have voted and elevated themselves to a form of nobility. They feather their own nests and the nests of those who get them elected in the first place–the major corporations and banks that constitute a crony capitalist shadow government. We are seeing a new form of serfdom developing. The vast majority of Americans will pay more taxes, face more government control and see freedoms dwindle as they get poorer. The benefits that are promised to us certainly won’t be there. It’s a mathematical impossibility.




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