Merry Christmas 2012

Barackoclaus card

‘Obama Claus and His Lumps of Coal’

Obama Claus believes in giving gifts that keep on taking. Gifts such as
the NDAA that take away our freedom. Obamacare takes away our freedom
of choice. Inflation takes away our purchasing power. His gift of gun
control will take away our 2nd amendment. The list goes on and on, and
apparently Obama’s list has Americans marked as ‘naughty.’ Wall Street
and the elite bankers are permanently ‘nice.’ They get bailed out to
the tune of trillions while Americans pick up the tab.
Still, a great many voted for him and perhaps they still think they’re
going to get something for Christmas. They’re in for a disappointment.
People should stop giving  Obama the benefit of the doubt. He no longer deserves it. He’s as bad if not worse than Bush. Forget about giving him milk and cookies. Obama
Claus wants to stuff our stockings with Agenda 21, carbon and VAT
taxes, endless war, bigger government and statist control.
Forget about a white Christmas. This one looks RED!


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