Happy Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving!
…or should it be happy ‘ThanksTAKING?’ The TSA takes away our 4th amendment rights. It takes away our time. It takes away our dignity. It takes away a fundamental decency when it gropes citizens–including children, the sick, the elderly–even babies! This security theater is brought to you by a rogue agency designed to accustom us to instantly bow and scrape to a huge, increasingly authoritarian government.

The TSA is becoming known for their rudeness, their barking of orders, their intrusive pat downs that sometimes morph into outright sexual assualt, their pornographic body scanners with unsafe radiation levels–how much are Americans supposed to endure? Well at least we don’t have to fly. We can escape them that way, right? Wrong. Their numbers continue to grow along with the number of outrages they’re committing. There are now over 60,000 agents and their numbers are increasing. They will be coming to schools, roads, bus and train stations.

Theft is common. Our visitors from Germany last year got a first-hand taste of their criminality. One of them had their laptop computer stolen. Another had his testicles squeezed. No wonder tourism is dropping.

So what can we do about it? Complain. Film them while they are doing the ‘procedures.’ Never go to their back rooms where they do dirty deeds in private. Make sure the public sees them. My idea is to ridicule them…hence my cartoon. If we don’t stand up and push back, the police state will continue “ThanksTaking” every day. They’ll take our money. They’ll take our guns. They’ll take our liberties. Only there won’t be any thanks. Just taking.

Ben Garrison

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