The TSA’s WAR on TERROR is Terrorizing American Children, Women and Men

The ‘War on Terror‘ was declared ‘over’ last week, but we now know it’s a permanent operation aimed at the American people. This cartoon, drawn by Tina Norton, illustrates how absurd and pernicious the TSA has become. Molesting frightened little girls is supposed to prevent ‘terror?’ The TSA are the real terrorists. They are performing government terror on citizens. The TSA must stand for “Terrorize the States of America,” or “Testicle Squeezing Assessors,” or even “Troubled Sadists Agency.” This type of job is a magnet for child abusers and perverts. The trouble is, the groping and microwave frying won’t be confined to airports. Obama wants a Civilian Security Force as strong as the military in order to suppress and harass Americans themselves. This means the TSA will be coming to bus and train stations, malls and schools. Random checkpoints with malicious TSA gropers everywhere will be the final nail in the coffin for the 4th Amendment. Add in Big Sis’s tattle-tale spy force and we’ll be no better than East German or the old Soviet Union.

The fear-mongering by big government is part of their game plan to take more rights and liberties away. They create false flag events to speed their agenda along. The TSA groping is meant to condition Americans into accepting the permanent loss of their 4th Amendment rights. The TSA will keep pushing the boundaries until Americans push back. We don’t advocate violence at GrrrGraphics, but we DO believe in our First Amendment right to speak out LOUDLY against their tyranny. All Americans should.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

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    Nice post.Now is the time they will go to war at home.

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