Happy New Year

My predictions for 2012? The depression will worsen. Watch out for bank runs and/or bank ‘holidays.’ The crooks running the show will start more wars. They will go after more of our Constitutional rights and clamp down on ‘dissenters’ who dare to complain. And we all must complain–LOUDLY–in the face of this creeping tyranny. We need to exercise our rights or lose them. The latest bill that quickly passed through Congress, sponsored by traitors such as McCain, will enable the outlaw government to snatch any American citizen out of their home and put them in a camp–or worse, even torture them. Welcome to the new USSR–where the citizens are seen as the enemy. I’m not an extremist or conspiracy nut. This is happening before our eyes. And my final prediction: RON PAUL WILL BE ELECTED PRESIDENT. He is our last hope to stop the insane police state.

Happy New Year! (if possible)

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  1. Leilani says:

    We aren’t in a depression. We don’t have ration books for our food yet. We aren’t eating our pets. That would be a depression.

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