Republican Horse Race

Considering the gigantic problems this country is facing (MF Global seizure of private property, the growing police state, impending war with Iran, the collapse of our corrupt system of money and the ridiculous war on drugs to name a few), the Republicans are giving us the same weary game plans and same status-quo candidates. They climb aboard the same old gaudy, smelly, creaky ‘politics as usual’ merry-go-round. Except for one candidate: Ron Paul. He rides the Constitution, not the merry-go-round. He wants to end the wars for empire. He wants to end the Fed. He wants to end the wasteful war on drugs and the police state. As a result, he’s leading in the polls. Americans know they need serious solutions and Ron Paul is a good start. He’s a candidate of TRUE hope and change. It’s time to step off the ridiculous merry-go-round of politics as usual.


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