Authority Man

‘Authority Man’

I recently read a column by Eric Peters. He’s a down-to-Earth writer whom I admire because he consistently tells the truth. Here’s a quote from his column:

The typical American is so conditioned to Authority that he will not even dare to defy a road sign – even when it’s out in the middle of nowhere and there’s essentially zero chance of any repercussions. Anything that looks official, anyone in a uniform of any kind – even if it’s not an official uniform and the wearer has no gun or actual authority to do anything – the average American will, without a murmur, sit quietly – and obey.”

Peters’ commentary inspired me to draw our latest cartoon. Americans have been conditioned, er ‘educated’ in public schools to accept without question the orders from anyone in a uniform. Even if those orders are unconstitutional. To be sure, many of those ‘officials’ are good people with high ideals, but too many are letting their fancy outfits go to their heads. They end up abusing instead of serving the public. The TSA is grossly violating the 4th Amendment and now they want to take their criminal act on the road. The police are increasingly used to shear the sheeple to help bring revenue to cities and states with bloated, indebted administrations. (The middle class always gets the worst of it when it comes to taxes, fees and fines…and now lost jobs). The police are also protecting the banksters from the growing crowds in the streets all over America. The police are on the wrong side.

When I was a kid, the police and sheriffs were seen as good guys–community figures such as what we saw on “The Andy Griffith Show.” They wanted to help people–and the people weren’t afraid of them. Sheriffs used to wear khaki uniforms and the police used to wear blue. Now nearly all of them wear black uniforms–an ominous color choice.

Even though the focus of my cartoon is the ‘Authority Man,’ the real blame rests with the American people who accept such abuse of power. It was my patriotic duty to exercise my freedom of speech and point out how the state abuses us. It’s the duty of all Americans to speak up–especially now.


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One Response to Authority Man

  1. intangir2 says:

    i’d say that picture is worth at least a thousand words 😉

    not everyone thinks what is going on is right, but unfortunately until more people recognize how fraudulent and illegitimate it is for them to claim and abuse power like they do… all we can do is spread awareness…

    if the power of our government is supposed to be legitimate because of the “consent of the governed” how is that even measured?

    by who pays taxes? because not paying is illegal and is met with threats and force.
    taxation is theft if the person must be forced to pay. the constitution cant simply grant an arbitrary privilege for people to tax you against your will, people you didnt consent to, and didnt vote for

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