Beware the Banker Beast!

During the banking ‘crisis’ of 2008, I wrote both my senators and congressmen and literally begged them not to bail out the ‘too big to fails.’ I was not alone. Nearly 90 percent of Americans who wrote Congress urged them to let the corrupt banks fail. That’s true capitalism, after all. Instead, Congress kicked the can down the road. Patty Murray lectured her constituents and told them we must ‘eat our vegetables.’ This is typical–politicians see voters as children. Obama also made a remark about ‘eating our peas.’

What’s being eaten is money. Our money. The banks have a shark-like voracious appetite for money. Fortunately for them they have access to Ben Bernanke’s printing press. They have already consumed trillions of dollars. Our dollars. Dollars that must be paid back–to them–principle and interest. They get to survive and eat endless amounts of fiat paper. We get the end result of this beastly monetary system: ENDLESS DEBT.


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