“Kick the Can”

How many more times can they kick the debt can down the road? We’ve reached the point where it makes no difference. The global elite banker ponzi scheme known as FIAT DEBT MONEY is coming to an end whether they like it or not. Time for the can to kick back!


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One Response to “Kick the Can”

  1. GrrrGraphics says:

    If you look at all of my cartoons, you’ll see that I blame both parties (who are controlled by the banks) for the economic mess both here and in Europe. Obama is carrying out the same globalist policies of Bush whom I equally deplore. Obama’s main contributors were the same BANKS you allude to and he has carried on with the same old wars Bush started–and he’s even started an additional unconstitutional war against Libya using the same sorts of lies Bush served up as an excuse to invade Iraq. I just happened to start drawing these cartoons after Obama was elected–so I use him as a figurehead in them. That’s exactly what he is. Like Bush, he has little knowledge of economic matters and no independent intrinsic power. He does as he’s told. And if they arrange for a Republican such as Romney or Perry to get elected, rest assured I’ll also draw cartoons that criticize them.

    This is no longer a Tweedle R vs. Tweedle D matter. That’s a distraction that keeps us from seeing that both parties run the same globalist-controlled game plan. That’s why I support Ron Paul. He wants to remove the Federal Reserve and crony capitalism. He wants to end the ridiculous wars and restore our Republic. You are right about the greed–more and more money is getting concentrated at the top by market riggers who should be in prison by now. It’s another reason why we need to end the Fed and its profoundly flawed and corrupt system of money. There’s little Obama or anyone else can do at this point. The debt is too large and we’ve arrived at an end game of the insane Keynesian economic system. We need a completely new system of money. THAT is a straight fact you won’t hear from the MSM who keep pretending this is just a soft patch that will end soon. It won’t.

    On a side note, I’m not doing these cartoons to make money. A few kind people have sent me a few bucks for prints and that’s it. I cannot regularly draw editorial cartoons because I am too busy trying to make a living, but considering the time and effort I’ve put into them, this has been an ongoing money-losing operation for me. That said, I will not stop despite personal attacks from Nazis and other kooks. I do welcome arguments such as yours however, and I thank you for responding.

    Ben Garrison

    > I must respectfully state that the Bush administration raised the
    > debt to over 12 1/2 trillion dollars. They hid the 10 tillion for
    > the cost of two wars for years as not being a part of our national
    > debt. Obama has taken it to 14 trillion to save us from the
    > recession he inherited. He & Bush did this to stop the recession by
    > stimulating the economy. Spreading the lies you are perpetrating
    > with your artwork is out of line. Instead do some research and get
    > your facts straight. You’ll make more money from accurate
    > information then from the lies the GOP is spreading in an attempt to
    > take back the WH. If they do take it back you’ll be a part of this
    > country heading directly back into a recession, allowing the greedy
    > Wall St. Republicans to destroy this country along with the banks.
    > Obama could not turn things around in 2 1/2 years that took 8 years
    > of total flagrant spending and greed that almost destroyed the middle
    > class. Perhaps you could do some work to show both sides of the
    > total picture which might bring you more success in this endeavor.
    > Best of luck.


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