It’s for our safety!

It’s been a while since I’ve penned a cartoon. That means I have had other work and I’m thankful for that considering our austerity-based economy. (Austerity for 99 percent of us…the remaining 1 percent that owns most of this country’s wealth are getting fabulously wealthier).

Anyway, I have a lot of cartoon ideas that have gone un-drawn. If I was as fortunate as other editorial cartoonists and actually got paid for what I draw…well, then I would draw these on a full-time basis. Because I believe most cartoonists are still locked in the sterile and time-wasting Republican vs. Democrat debate. It’s a puppet show and the globalist bankers control the strings. Look at Greece–the banks buy out their politicians and then drown them in un-payable debt. It was done on purpose so banks can seize infrastructure for pennies on the dollar. (I should say Euro). That’s coming to Spain, Ireland and eventually the USA. Iceland wisely kicked them out. We should do the same.

Obama is proof of the uselessness of voting the usual R or D for president. People should not be surprised that they got neither hope nor change because his largest contributors were banks and the elite bankers and globalists run the show. The people don’t matter. They are fed patronizing pap from the MSM and fleeced with taxes, fees and fines. The ones who speak up are called extremists or conspiracy theorists or smeared as nut jobs. I mean come ON…Obama tells us we will be in Libya for a few days and it was only a ‘kinetic action?’ Where is the outcry? If Bush had done this (and he was just as bad as Obama), I believe there would be a greater fuss made. But no…he comes on TV and says he’s out to protect the Libyan people from Gaddafi. Balderdash. We all know it’s about oil and further domination by the globalists.

But I digress. The real terrorists are apparently average US citizens. Why else would the government set up a rogue agency as pernicious and offensive to liberty as the TSA? Well, money is involved, too. I wanted to draw something that illustrates how I feel about the Fourth of July. It should be about a lot more than fireworks and drinking beer and enjoying a long summer weekend. To me, it’s a time to reflect on the liberty that we’ve lost and continue to lose.

“It’s for your safety!” This is one of the big ruses statists use to pass their liberty-stripping laws. To be sure, it’s good to have some sort of oversight…such as food inspection. It’s nice to know the can of tuna we may eat is safe. But no…government doesn’t stop there. Statists always want the government to grow bigger and solve more problems. Many states have now outlawed fireworks completely now. “It’s for our safety.” They want to control what we can eat and drink and/or smoke.  “It’s for our safety.”  They put fluoride in our water. “Click it or ticket!” They grope children and old ladies and single out attractive young ladies for special attention. “It’s for our safety.” They sheer us like sheep for not waiting long enough to make right turns on red. (Ticket cameras). They want to confiscate our guns. “It’s for our safety.”

Well, I say it’s time to end the Federal Reserve, break up the fascist banks and reset our monetary system.  “It’s for our liberty!”


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