It’s nearly summer and the gnats are out. Or should I say GNATZIS. Little characters with no ‘character.’ After all, anyone who would attack the reputation of an honest artist willing to sign his own work–while they buzz around hacking and changing the work of others…all the while cloaked in web anonymity…well, they are cowards!

For some reason those cretins have it in for me…not sure why. So they have been affixing my name to the work of one of their fellow GNATZIS–an artist who won’t reveal his real name. (Yeah, real brave people we’re dealing with here). All I want to do is raise awareness about the broken system of money we have due to Keynesianism, out-of-control statism and especially the Federal Reserve. They want to twist the dialogue to racism and bigotry. That way, if you question the Fed, you automatically become a fringe nut. Just the way the bankers like it. I wonder if the Nazis get paid by the elite bankers to do this? Hmmmm…

I believe in free speech–and I welcome them to draw their OWN damn cartoons and put their OWN names on them. But that would require some guts on their part and like most bullies, they have NONE. THANKS TO MY TALENTED WIFE TINA FOR DRAWING THIS! –BG


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One Response to ‘WEB GNATZIS.’

  1. Dave Narby says:

    Don’t give them any more thought… Keep your eye on the prize! We love your work, keep it up!

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