Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day message:

• How free are we if we have a government that illegally wiretaps its citizens?
• How free are we when a rogue agency (CIA) wants to assassinate legal leaders of another country?
• How free are we when another rogue agency (TSA) wants to grope and fry us and our children?
• How free are we when we are taxed to the max to pay interest and principle back to a private consortium of banks that is the Federal Reserve? Tax slavery forced upon us by corrupt bankers.
• How free are we when police can now kick down doors without a warrant?
• How free are we when elections are rigged?
• How free are we when a president can declare war without the consent of Congress?
• How free are we when Congress can enact ‘secret laws’ that affect the rights of citizens?
• How free are we when the gubmint sets up laws that favors other countries and private corporations–thus allowing US jobs to be sent to virtual slave labor camps overseas?
• How free are we when the Federal Reserve and crony banks benefit from a private printing press while ruining the value of our money via inflation–thus stealing wealth from most of those in the nation?

This list can go on and on and it can because it’s getting worse. The brave men who fought and died for their country would be outraged to see how we let hard-won freedoms be traded away in the name of ‘safety’ while most Americans watch gossip and sporting events on the boob tube.

Let’s be vigilant and NOT allow an ever-growing and increasingly dictatorial and oligarchic government tell us how to live.

Long live freedom!

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