Swasticked off

Some idiot took my cartoon, changed it up and posted it on his blog. WITH my signature still on it. I won’t even link to his site–it had swastikas on it.

My protest art is aimed at tyrannical big government and corrupt elite banks who have taken over the country. This has to be expected when something goes ‘viral.’ My cartoon has been seen by millions of people. They changed my cartoon to discredit and insult my motives. I mean…honestly…what sane person considers themselves a fan of Hitler?

I’ve asked that he remove my cartoon. If he doesn’t I’ll be forced to take legal action.

I apologize to anyone who saw the cartoon and thought I drew the anti-semitic figure in it. I did not draw it that way. I’m a libertarian and have nothing but contempt for statist figures such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Unfortunately my cartoon threatens those who would love to set up a police state–with banker elites running the show. Therefore I get smeared.

Ben Garrison.

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