The Liar in Chief

Our latest cartoon. President Barack Obama stops by and makes a special speech to let Americans know he still considers them silly sheep that believe every banal platitude his elite lips utter. Prancing unicorns and hopey-changey slogans during the 2008 Presidential election have melted like sticky skittles in a rain-soaked coat pocket. The American people are waking up and realizing they have a weak egotistical partisan president in the oval office who made promises he never intended to keep.  As the lies pile up and the endless wars and taxes overwhelm the country, some brave folks are standing against tyranny arm-in-arm. Only then can we take back this great country from the ruthless bankers and NWO crony capitalists that are destroying the USA.–Tina

Cartoon copyright 2011 Ben Garrison

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1 Response to The Liar in Chief

  1. Country Jane says:

    Love it love it love it. My 10-year-old almost busted a gut reading this. Then wondered if Obama would get mad if he saw this, I told him to read me the first amendment…good lesson for today. I’ll post this on my blog as well.

    Jane in Alaska

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