The Revenge of the Monster

The latest “Tina Toon”

The silver-shorting monster that is JP Morgan was dead and buried. It was game over for him! We silver bugs had won. But suddenly, the ground began to rumble. The Dow was down nearly 120 at one point and then oil and silver went due south and the market was nearly green–almost in a few minutes.

By finally accomplishing their silver slam-down today, the shorting monster has has bought himself time until May. March is no longer such a worry. JP Morgan and the shorts made sure, once again, that they have survived. They are very good at kicking the can down the road. We’ve been waiting for over 10 years for the magical skyrocket of short covering that was just around the corner. After today, we doubt it will happen next month. The great short-covering event of March has now been postponed. The celebratory silver shamrocks have been snatched from our fists.

If anything, we’ve learned that they’ll rig anything they have to– including suddenly raising margins on oil and floating rumors around. They used such tactics today as leverage to slam down commodities and PMs. They raised margins on silver FOUR TIMES in a few short months. They still rig the game; they’re still in control of our set. We don’t like it, but facts are facts. Will their rigged game continue indefinitely? No, it must be impossible considering the money they print endlessly…along with the debt that continues to grow more scary than the monsters themselves. And yet, when will it end? “Maybe next year.”

I for one thought they were already done. I was wrong. They know that many longs were waiting for the big short-covering event. They got stopped out. Now the shorts are again in charge (at least for a while) and everyone knows it. Blythe has pulled the silver stake out of the heart of her vampire master.

So again, the ‘house’ always wins. And every time we think the house is done, they show us otherwise. They will continue to use any illegal dirty trick they can to ‘get ‘er done.’

It appears somehow the US debt is totally gone and there will be no inflation. Oil prices will keep going down. Israel and the Arabs are the best of friends. Everyone has a job. The states are flush with cash. We are at peace with the world. Today, trillions of gold and silver coins were seen rolling down every Main Street in America. Silver is back to $4 and gold is back to $250. The dollar is again king and the Federal Reserve is our best friend. Ben Bernanke is our hero who is out to help the little guy first and foremost. Obama’s birth certificate has finally been found. People love getting those shake and bakes at the airport and are applauding the TSA–especially for the good job they’re doing on their kids as well as granny.

This all sounds ridiculous and it is! But for today, this is the kind of false reality they are able to create with their corruption, rigging and paper pushing. They won’t stop either–because they own the regulatory agencies!

The monster wins again. At least for now.

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