AL GORE: The Winter of our disCONtent.

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No matter what the weather, Al Gore will claim it’s due to ‘global warming,’ or ‘climate change.’ After all, he intends to profit from his con job. Al Gore is no better than a carnival barker at a contrived house of horrors exhibit. Fear is used for profit. Al Gore uses fear to line his pockets by getting us to pay ‘carbon taxes,’ which will do no good anyway. China would be allowed to pollute as much as they want. There is one rather significant factor that drives changes in the Earth’s climate that Gore conveniently ignores: The sun. Variations in sunspot activity has a lot more bearing on the climate than humans. Also, volcanos emit far more CO2 than humans could. That’s all ignored, though. They want the focus to be on humans. They want to stimulate our guilt and fear in order to make us pay the high priest Gore his indulgence tax. Gore is a con man and many are now onto his scam.

This cartoon was inspired by Michael Graham in the Boston Herald, he writes:

“Gore is on board, too. He’s now merely claiming rising temperatures will “create all sorts of havoc, ranging from hotter dry spells to colder winters.”

Not “warming,” but “weirding.” Not “heating,” but “havoc.” Which is how global warming can cause more snow, less snow, no snow, avalanches, heat waves, cold snaps, wetter wets, drier dries, gingivitis, delirium tremens and irritable bowel syndrome  . . . all at the same time!

Global warming — is there anything it can’t do?”

Apparently not!


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