Don’t Tread on My Internet

Our latest design, the Don’t Tread on My Internet Snake, inspired by the Gadsden Flag. Watermark is for web display only.   You can find this design on Tshirts and more at our Zazzle store!

Events currently unfolding in Egypt show us just how easily it is for government to shut down the internet. Our politicians and corporate-run media would love to have more ‘control’ over our access. They want us directed toward their own sites and propaganda messages. They want control over the dialogue and must be angry that many bloggers get more attention than their fancy-suited hairdos on the boob tube. They realize fewer people are paying attention to their corporate shill media arm. The state knows the real truth can be gleaned from the chaff available on a free internet–and it can’t stand that!

Therefore, they want a ‘kill switch’ that can be used to shut down free speech in a time of crisis–a crisis during which their power will be threatened, no doubt. (With good reason). They will create a problem or threat such as foreign hackers and use it as an excuse to gain power over our freedom of access and our freedom of speech. As usual, they will condescendingly tell us it’s for our own ‘safety.’ We must protest vigorously and often to stop another state theft of freedom.

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