About Us

Ben Garrison and his wife Tina are freelance artists living in Montana.

We are trying to do our part by means of artwork to help raise awareness of the drift toward tyranny.
We as private citizens need to reclaim and fight for our rights as enumerated in our Constitution. It’s time to speak out and express our outrage at the growing tyranny of Big Government. That’s why we created GrrrGraphics!

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Your latest Statist cartoon is great as always. Your toons should be featured everywhere but have you tried Break the Matrix? I hope you don’t mind, I added a comment to their writers section suggesting they carry you stuff. Keep up the good work…


  2. Todd Eastman says:

    Hey, really love the cartoon. I’m a fumbling artist and kind of lean the same way in my “creations.” They tend to have political messages. Also love the web design. Good job all the way around!

  3. Mike says:

    Great job! I love the cartoons, they are so artistic, and I bring them to my friends’ attention whenever I can.

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